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Five Fun Travel Tips To Always Remember On An International Trip!

  1. Sewing kit – yes that’s right! A sewing kit comes in extremely handy especially if you’re in the middle of your already tight budgeted trip! It’s amazing how many times you will need a sewing kit whether it be fixing those favorite pair of jeans or maybe just to sew that strap back onto your favourite singlet!
  2. International roaming – OMG how many times have you been away and sent a text message to say your safe, or a quick call to say hello and BAM you have an extremely overpriced phone bill! For those of you travelling for a short time 1-6 weeks I suggest maybe talking about international roaming with your phone service company, but if your trip consist long than 6 weeks I high recommend just picking up a sim card  overseas! Far cheaper and you can find a few good deals as well!
  3. The 25 percent rule – I have this rule I implement whenever I am planning for a trip, say you have a budget of $5000 for a trip to Europe, well times it by 25 percent and put that money somewhere safe! This extra cash allows freedom, a bit more coverage and relief just in case of an emergency!
  4. TRAVEL INSURANCE – this is a big one guys! I know only 2 out of 10 people actually ever take out travel insurance but I personally believe it’s highly important! You never know what could happen, and the last thing I would want for my family is trying to get me home in case of an emergency, and end up spending over  $60,000-$150,000! And yes, this HAS actually happened to fellow travellers before! so sometimes that extra $500-1000 is worth spending on something you may never need!
  5. Take me with you – Well yes I would love to come with you, but this is a different matter! How many times have your bags been lost? If I had a dollar for the amount of times I have met and witnessed bags gone missing I would quite literally be a millionaire!! I understand airlines and airports are extremely busy and I don’t ever blame them! I consider it a slight wave of bad luck to those misfortune to have it happen to them. But when and if it happens… it does suck! So I have a take me with you tip – everything super important to you take with you as hand luggage! Phones, cameras, laptops, even my favorite pair of socks! Once lost they may never be found, so I find it better to be safe than sorry!

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