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Everything You Need To Know About Vaccinations

So Your Planning Your International Trip And want to get your vaccinations done But Your To Scared Of Needles, Don’t Have The Money, Or Don’t Think Its Necessary… Believe me, we have all been in one or all of these situations before, and it can be quiet stressful and expensive!

Today I embarked on a 2 hour journey. A journey in which involved the creation of a headache, -$450 out of my account and a whole heap of stab wounds in both of my arms.

Yes, you guessed it – I was attacked by the travel doctor! But fear not, it was all for a good cause for years to come.

I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion on whether or not you should vaccinate yourself or your family before you embark on a international holiday. we all have different reactions, bank accounts, and personal thoughts on the matter (which is totally fine!) but i decided for myself that i would indeed go ahead with my doctors advice and organise to see a travel doctor about the areas i will be visiting abroad!

This lead me to TravelVax – Australia’s leading travel vaccination and information centre, which organises vaccinations for travellers and their families planning trips abroad! (for those of you seeking medical traveller’s advice from outside Australia i recommend you research your ‘local travel doctors’ around your area, as you will find local doctors carrying out similar practices!)

Once I got into touch with a local TravelVax centre I organised a 1 hour travellers’ information appointment with an extremely helpful registered nurse, who I pre-organised with to email though my travel itinerary before the appointment (if you feel as though your itinerary is extensive and may require extra time to go through, I recommend asking if it is OK to send it in to the doctor/nurse so they have time to prepare for you). This meant by the time I got to the appointment, the nurse had already printed off all of the main countries I would be travelling to and the health information for each one.

The one hour session was wonderful and I came out with an idea of what places I will need certain vaccinations and tablets for. But because I’m a bargain hunter I was a bit sneaky and went shopping around to see if I could find a chemist or doctor whose could match the TravelVax prices – turns out TravelVax where spot on and much cheaper than the other options I found! plus they had everything in stock and all ready to go!

A few weeks later… which leads us to today, I braved on up and faced the needles! one needle is OK…but 5 in one go… I’m sure you would have been a bit nervous too! After being jabbed with 5 needles and talking with the Doctors for over 2 hours, I was free to leave and advised I did not need to return for any more needles for years to come! (Some vaccinations last a lifetime and will only require booster shots – others can last between 5-10 years!)

Now I know what your thinking… what on earth injections would have cost $450 – yes I was shocked too! BUT we need to remember a few things here…

  • These vaccinations will last a lifetime, or if not, at least 5-10 years!
  • When travelling to an extensive amount of countries for certain periods of time, its safer to be immunised than risk infection or health problems!
  • Some countries will not let you in if you do not have certain vaccinations/vaccination history i.e Parts of South America for Yellow Fever!
  • And because I will be travelling to all 7 continents in 12 months, the risk is there and very real for a lot of different health issues. It sounds like a lot of money, but health and insurance I believe are the most important things to spend real money on when travelling abroad, especially for a long period of time!

So yes, it was an expensive day, I walked away with floppy arms and a headache from all the pre-injection stressing, But hey! I’m immunised, and don’t need to worry about getting these same injections again for a very very long time!!!

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