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Everything You Need To Know About Visas!

Visas, visas, and more visas! Visas are a pain, A total pain! Now whether you are overly organized or just plain do it in the moment it won’t matter with visas. You see with what I have realized over the past few months is that no matter what you do, there will be a hassle at some point! Especially if you are a traveller going on a big trip and visiting a wide variety of countries in one big go. That is why I wanted to give you a heads up on a rough outline on how to prepare before and during your trip!

Every country in the world has different policies, rules and regulations, which of course must be in place to track, monitor and record travellers entering and leaving there countries. It’s the extra cost you normally forget about until the last minute. In every country you will find places such as consulates and visa application centres. These places are where you can apply in person for a visa! The lines are generally long, the waiting is normally painful and the workers can be quiet rude. But…I always prefer getting my visa done in person if I can! The other option is normally through postage. You can download, fill in and pay for your visa online and simply post it off in the mail. This however can take weeks, that is why it is so important to make sure you research your destination and its visa polices and laws to figure out what option you think is best for where you are travelling to.

What I found is that in most countries, you will need to require a visa before you land in the country. Some places you can apply on the boarders, in the airports or at check points, but they recommend you do pre-organize your visa before travelling. The only down fall to pre organizing the visas is time, money and the chance of losing your passport in the post (believe me it does happen!) that is why I strongly recommend researching your options and getting into contact with the countries consulate in your local area before you leave it too late.

For a rough break down of obtaining visas I have found the following information below:

Asia – will need to pre-organize with a visa centre/consulate before arrival

America- pre organized online & printed off

Australia – will need to pre-organize with a visa centre/consulate

South America – can be done in person but some places must be pre organized online & printed off

Africa – Can get most visas upon arrival/at the boarders

Central America – Can get most visas upon arrival/at the boarders

Europe – Can get most visas upon arrival/at the boarders

For more information about terms and visa requirements for your type of citizenship please visit my preferred websites below!

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