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Pacific Islands, Vanuatu

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Vanuatu is by far one on the most magical destinations in terms of tropical islands. Located northeast just off the coast of north Queensland, Australia. It is a tropical destination perfect for a tropical island stay, cultural awakening or romantic getaway, believed to be made up with over 83 islands some of which are still uncovered and uninhabited today!

Breakers Resort – Port Vila

My wonderful experience with this beautiful place was in February 2013, where I spent just over 9 days exploring the main island (mainland known as Port Villa) and then 4 days adventuring around a more untouched island called Tanna which is home to an active volcano, local villages and some of the most beautiful vegetation that can be found!

Mount Yasur Volcano Crater – Tanna Island

Port villa is a lively bustling island that is home to just over 45,000 people. Located on the island is a range of actives, sightseeing locations and tourist attractions including a range of snorkeling, diving, water sports actives, and general day trips to local springs, water holes, and my favorite, local village trips which offer the chance to visit and participate in local village ceremonies and cultural experiences. But if you are looking for a more relaxing approach there are also a range of relaxation indulgences such as day spas, massage lounges, and treatments in almost all of the resorts found around the island.

Village Basket Making

In terms of getting around Vanuatu the local community has set up a wonderful system where a range of local mini buses and taxis run around the island and you pay no more than 150-300 vatu! They are also extremely trusting and love to sing out loud to the local radio stations (very loudly) when driving you around town…which is always a bit of fun! it also goes to show just how friendly and kind natured the locals that live there are.

Breakers Resort

There are a range of flower markets, fruit markets, and local hand made crafts markets held throughout the week and on the weekends along with a wide Varity of foods and flavors in the local restaurants and cafes. Fruit is one of the main foods freshly grown on the islands and may I say, the paw paw is to die for!!! You will not find any fresher fruit than in Vanuatu!

Port Villa – Fruit Markets

Now if you are a bit of an adventurer and like a bit of a thrill, Tanna Island which is located just a 45 minute flight away from port villa is a magical island that is hardly touched and has a population of around 29,000. It is home to Mount Yasur volcano and a walk to the rim of this fiery volcano certainly makes a visit to Tanna unforgettable. Along with watching volcanic ash and lava explode from the volcano you can choose to stay in a range of accommodation. Either a luxury resort, or a rustic old fashioned village stay. And if you like mosquito nets and doors made of banana leaves then I would defiantly recommend the village stay! It was so beautiful and unlike anything I have ever experience. Now apart from a mouse eating into a packet for my favorite tim tams, the stay was extremely relaxing and a real eye opener.

Tanna Island Accomodation

Vanuatu is a beautiful array of islands that make up a community so beautiful and welcoming, after the devastation that occurred earlier this year with cyclone Pam, it is sad to see such a beautiful place experience something so horrific. I hope one day to return and I would defiantly recommend it to anyone!


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