Exploring Thailand

Like adventure, relaxing, shopping, massages, custom made suits, and street foods? So do I !!!

If you’re like me and are down to earth in a way that you are ok with trying new things (banana milkshake in a plastic bags, or deep fried bugs anyone??) well then Thailand is the place for you to go and explore! Located in the heart of Asia, Thailand is one of the biggest tourist destinations for local Australian travellers. Next after bail, Thailand is affordable, a beautiful tropical destination and cheap!

With classic tourist activities such as full moon parties, snorkelling and diving trips, markets, shopping malls, five star resorts for less than $80a night (all inclusive), nightlife shows and performances, animal attractions such as elephants, monkeys and bat caves, you can understand why Thailand is becoming one of the most sought after tourist destinations for young families, couples, backpackers and travellers.

Even though Thailand is busy 70% of the year, it does go through a wet and dry season. Like most tropical destinations something has to give – You can’t have white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, cheap food/accommodation and good shopping and not expect a downside. The downsides being if you chose to travel September-March the chances are it’s going to be busy! This is the dry season and is normally higher priced and contains more tourists, the weather is humid, and tropical storms happen every few days (normally only lasting a few hours) if you chose to travel between April-August your probably going to find more rainy days and tropical storms, this is the monsoon season, but can come out to be almost 65% cheaper!!! Airfares are crazy cheap and only because it MIGHT rain more. The positive is the shopping will be far better as the locals will want to make a sale so you will have more luck bargaining around this time of year.

Whether you are looking to escape the city, take your children to a more cultural location, have a romantic honeymoon or just backpack, then Thailand is a must! But I do warn those with little travelling experience, to be ready for a cultural shock! Thailand is a third world country, so you can be faced with some extreme confrontations with poverty, lack of education, cleanliness and systems in general. DO NOT HIRE A SCOOTER. Please don’t! More people are killed in Thailand each year on scooters than anything else! Make sure you zip up your bags; theft is limited but can happen anywhere. Also be sure to be safe and in general and remember to just have fun! Thailand is beautiful, breathtaking and a magical place to explore! There’s so much nature and wildlife, so many activities and day trips! Just go and enjoy! It’s culturally eye opening, but incredible all at the same time!

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