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What Type Of Phone To Take Abroad

What Type Of Phone To Take Abroad

Should I take my iPhone with me?

This is a question I have thought about endlessly leading up to my big trip. The truth is yes, you should bring a phone, but to bring an expensive phone or not? Like many travellers we all have heard of those poor unfortunate people whom have come home from a 10 days holiday overseas only to discover they have a phone bill in the thousands! Well truth is this DOES happen. In fact It did happen to a friend of mine a few years ago, she doesn’t bring her phone with her at all overseas now. Like most phone companies, international data/texts/phone calls are available, but what we don’t realize is the extreme conditions behind them and how slow/annoying and unreliable some of the services are in certain countries. That’s why I decided to do some research to find out what the best method would be.

First I went and read hundreds of forums online; it seems that most of the people in this world agree with me, you should take a phone with you. At no point is it 100% reliable, but it provides you with security knowing you could contact someone if anything did happen, most countries have an emergency contact number (make sure you put this number in your contacts before you leave just in case) which pops up and you are able to call that number, even if there is no reception or you don’t have any credit – the number will still call through.

Once I worked out that bringing a phone whilst travelling was a good idea, I wanted to find out what exactly type of phone was necessary turns out this answer is broad. Like many travellers, we have planes, trains, buses, hotels, hostels, tour companies, etc. to monitor, track and get into contact with whilst abroad. That is why it is up to you to decide what type of mobile device suits you best. For me taking my iPhone 5s seems a bit silly, I mean it was expensive, but it’s now 2 years old and if it gets stolen/lost/broken I won’t be crying myself to sleep. Reality is I like my iPhone, it has all my apps on it I can use and better yet I get free I message/FaceTime when in Wi-Fi to family and friends!

The next step I began to look at was phone plans, companies and sim cards. There are SO many different types of phone services it’s crazy! That is why I made a decision to jump into the deep end and just wing it whenever I enter a new country. Now for you this may be a bit different – I am spending an extensive amount of time in each place I visit, so it only seems better to sign up with a local phone company each time I enter a new place. Tiring – yes, numerous phone numbers – yes, but unlimited data, free texts and phone calls? Sound much more appealing than a $1000 phone bill.

One last note, as a traveller there is nothing worse than getting caught in a situation where you need help, support, advice or just in general contact with friends and family. Taking a phone is a great idea! Be sure to choose a phone that will suit your destination and trip type, you can by $2 Sims and pre-load credit onto them and top up online if you need to! This is another option I have considered and will probably end up doing on a backup old phone just in case my other Sims doesn’t work. Also most phones now have Wi-Fi so you can just turn off your data and use it whenever you come across Wi-Fi! Just make sure whatever you do, find a way to stay connected! It’s important, especially when travelling. Nothing is more important than safety! Remember that.


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