Pack To Back

So you have just got off your 10 hour flight, its 7am and you need to grab your bag before the 7:30am morning rush and get the hell out of this soon to be crammed airport, but wait – where is your bag? 5 minutes go past, then 10…people are starting to leave now and more and more bags are disappearing with the exhausted travellers who own them, after 15 minutes of waiting the last bag gets picked up, but your head is screaming in panic! Where’s my bag????

I’m sure there are a fair few of you that have unfortunately run into this situation before, and trust me it isn’t a good feeling knowing your $1000 laptop, brand new camera, and most importantly the next 5 days’ worth of underwear are stuck in god knows where with god knows who! This is by far one of the most gut wrenching feeling, to lose all or some of your luggage and in the worst of chases never finding it again. After almost losing a bag once before in a busy international airport (I will not be naming the responsible airline/airport as I don’t believe in negatively impacting the travel industry) I came up with a simple solution! Pack to Back- and you got it, it’s exactly that, you pack at least 3 days’ worth of clothing along with any personal items such as cameras, laptops, personal documents, tickets, contacts, dairies, etc. all into a back pack! (or if you like to travel in style a handbag/small suit case can work just fine) I personally prefer a back pack as its attached to me 90% of the time I’m using it, and it makes it easier to travel when I’m wheeling around my larger suitcase that gets checked in as luggage.

The basic idea of Pack to Back is to have it checked in as hand luggage so that you can keep track of where it is at all times. This way if something as terrible as having an airline/airport lose your bag does happen it won’t majorly affect your travel plans! I tend to pack clothes that will last me around 3 days, undies, a few shirts, a pair of jeans, comfy shots, a pair of swimmers and anything that I might need within at least the first 7 days of my trip, This way I won’t stress out if I’m leaving on a tour the next day because hay, I have packed some clothes, I have my camera, my laptop and all my documents!

Simple Tip – Remember you can always wash out your undies and clothes to re-use, also try to pack clothes you can mix and match with to minimise more space!

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