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Which Destinations To Travel Too!

Got an inner desire to travel and have no idea where to go? Trying to work out which continent would suit your travel style? Which place should your next plane be to?

Africa- Passionate, Adventurous, and have a love for nature and Wild things? Africa is definitely the place for you to get your wild side on! With tours surprisingly affordable you can see yourself standing less than 3m away from some of the most incredible animals in the world! From lions, tigers and elephants to giraffes, hippo, and thousands of birds, you will not leave without a camera full of beautiful once in a lifetime photographs!

Antarctica- So you’re sick of hearing about everyone’s trips around the world but amazingly their stories are starting to all sound the same… You have a strong desire, a desire to just travel and explore but you have no idea where to go. Seeking adventure is an exciting thing and what better way than to travelling to a place almost no one you know of has ever travelled to before! If this is you, then Antarctica is worth every cent!!! And better yet you can find amazingly well priced expeditions leaving from South America around October – November.

America- Love food, Big cities, And anything and everything? Well then America is definitely the place to go! Suited for all ages, families, friends, single travellers and groups of adventurers then be sure to put the USA on your list! There are some of the best theme parks in the world, some of the most amazingly strange and massive foods/meals to try, and a number of different states to visit! And of course we can’t forget the breathtaking beaches, snowy mountains, cities in the middle of deserts and city streets to get lost in!

Asia- mmm-mmm so who does have a love for noodles, sushi, fried rice and seafood!! Asia is Incredible! Especially for a culture experience like no other in the world! With so many different places to visit, you will really learn what life is like for others in this part of the world, so beautiful and great bargains almost everywhere it’s defiantly a place I will be visiting again soon! Oh and we can’t forget the so many different foods to try (Yes I’ve eaten things I didn’t even know you could eat) my best advice – eat first, ask questions later!

Australia- The place I can call home! What isn’t there to love about Australia? If you want time to chill out, road trip, and soak up the sun to get that golden tan back again! Then Australia is a choice that shouldn’t be hard to make! So many culture foods available, tours that suit almost every type of person on this planet and a range of some of the best beaches in the world! All you need is to slip, slop and slap that sunscreen on! Because your about to see summer almost 12 months of the year!

Europe- Young, Wild And Free? Then Europe’s the place to be! If you tossing up where to travel on your next uni break Europe is a great place for you and even your friends! With a range of tours all year round, cheap and so many places to visit it really is every traveller’s  dream. With working visas available you can see yourself living, working, partying or simply exploring 12 months a year!

South America- So you are a festival chaser, a colourful clothes wearer and a passionate traveller! Say hello to South America! Home to the most wonderful tropical rainforest in the world, the Amazon, where you can find all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures. With loads of hiking, cultural gatherings and thrill seeking actives if you want to have an experience like no other then why not go for a bungee jump, visit the Inca trail, or party it up in Rio! The seasons vary from country to country, but who said a little rain hurt anyone? You can snatch up some real bargains during and leading up to the wet seasons, so if the weather isn’t something your too bothered about then defiantly aim for the low season!

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