Counting Down To A World Trip

As most of you most likely already know, I am half way around the world, travelling fulltime over the next 12 months, visiting over 150 different cities across all seven continents – I’m embarking on a trip of a lifetime!

As of the year 2012 I have always dreamed of doing this. Embarking into the big wide world, exploring the planet and taking in all that it has to offer. Its something I have worked extremely tirelessly for and finally after almost 3.5 years here I am today. Flying out of my hometown Sydney, Australia into the big wide world.

I guess like most of us that prepare for a trip, whether it be a weekend away, a work break you’ve been looking forward to for months, or maybe your like me and just decided there was no better way to see the world than to just go! Well we often spend a lot of time preparing our holidays and trips, most of us create a list, stick to a schedule write a count down and aim to have everything done, all the bills paid for, and sally from down the road to mind the dog whilst we are away.

Now I’m here to tell you that plans, well they don’t always work out. The past few final days I have almost given up entirely, had crying meltdowns, screaming fights and totally shut down over a number of days. My poor family not only had to witness this, but also became involved in my problems and dramas.

I finished up my wonderful job in the engineering industry over 10 days before my flight out of Sydney. I thought hey, this will be plenty of time to pack, re-pack, organize bills, phone plans, travel documents etc. but little did I realize how my body and mind would react. With so may sudden changes to my routine, like no more work, the stress of booking final travel plans, working out visas, chasing up medication and vaccinations, along with the cause of my meltdown – banking. I literally was not mentally, physically or emotionally prepared for this wonderful trip of a lifetime.

You see I am an extremely organized person. Like overly organized! I mean I planed a 12 month trip around the globe in under 8 months! And believe me if you think booking one trip is hard, try over 20 individual trips all in one go!

Even though I had organized most of the trip, I hadn’t actually emotionally prepared myself for such a massive life change. And this is why the final days where a total nightmare!

No only was my phone number blocked, lost and terminated – then re activated after over 8 phone calls to Vodafone (THANK GOODNESS) but my bank cards where no the right travel cards I wanted, I forgot to transfer money onto them and the cash I had taken out for the first part of the trip was less than I had planned to take out! My bag was packed THE DAY BEFORE I FLEW OUT! (I mean literally within hours of flying out) and I hadn’t printed any of my travel documents at all!!!!! So you can only imagined the stressful 48 hours my poor family had to endure before leaving! (I’m sorry family!)

Moral of this story is BE PREPARED!

I mean, call your banks, get money out, get your documents sorted, pack your bag, do it ALL at least 2-4 weeks before you fly out!!!! I was so devastated I wasn’t able to just spend those final days just being with family and friends. I just wish I had organized myself, and not gotten caught up in the emotional side of everything.

But from this life taught me a lesson… when something doesn’t go to plan, yell “PLOT TWIST” and move on.

I’m here now, half way around the globe and ready for what the world has to offer!


Safe Travels, And Fly Far!

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