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Why Travel To The End Of The World To Antartica

Why Antarctica?

As the ship left Ushuaia’s shipping port a sense of almost calmness washed over me. The day was finally here! I was standing on board the very vessel I had been researching and looking forward to for almost 14 months! Yet here I was, and reality hadn’t hit yet, but I was standing on its very deck, watching the world slowly fade away as we sailed off into the night.

Antarctica is one of the many destinations I have always dreamed about visiting. I’m not quiet sure how or when I first realized it was indeed possible to visit the big white continent. If I remember right, I was in a travel agency one day and saw a broacher when I was in the middle of booking a trip to Vanuatu with matt (boyfriend) but I never really thought you could actually get onto a big ice breaker ship and sail down there as a normal person and a scientist carrying out scientific research. Little did I realize at that point in time that I would be in fact visiting the end of the world only a few years later!

People often ask me, why Antarctica? I even had this asked many times whilst on board the expedition ship, by other travellers themselves. The truth is, I didn’t really know why, until I got there myself.

I would look them in the eye and be totally honest. It’s because no one else I have ever met before has ever travelled to the end of the world (as its said in Ushuaia), to Antarctica. I’m young, in fact I was the youngest on the ship by years, but it was the drive to see Antarctica, to have that feeling of knowing I was only one of the many few to be able to travel there, that made me work hard and determined to visit this wonderful magical destination. I wanted to be able to tell people, I Melissa Naomi at the age of 21 travelled to the end of the world, its one of those destinations that seems so far beyond anything you ever think you will be able to achieve, and the determination to get there just grows drastically inside you, it turns into an obsession, and a place you dream of getting to. What can I say, I’m a dream chaser and Antarctica was my number one on the list.

Like many others whom have travelled to Antarctica before, it is a phenomenally surreal experience. The excitement on board when you see something simple such as an albatross or sea bird is crazy. The waters can be rough and the seasickness does come out, but the people you are travelling with are so extremely passionate about either travel, or nature that you cant help but get excited with them.

The trip to Antarctica was an incredible experience and like many travellers onboard, I see why so many of them have come back years after years. Almost 50% of those on board had done Antarctica or the artic before, and here I am now considering the likelihood of coming back one day.

People often ask me, why Antarctica, well instead of explaining it in depth, let me show you why. This video does not do justice on how magical the experience was, but it does show you just a glimpse into the expedition world, and what to expect on the way to the end of the world.

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