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Airline Review // Qatar Airlines

Qatar airlines are one of the most prestigious and luxurious airlines I have ever flown, with there highly regarded services its no wonder I fell in love with the airline and jumped at the opportunity to sign up to become a member with them!

There are many different reasons why we choose the airlines that we travel with, membership rewards, good reviews, and local discounts or like me, whatever is the cheapest at the time of booking! When I first discoverer Qatar airways I had no idea they even existed, In fact I even pronounced their name completely wrong up until I boarded the plane!

Like many travel bloggers I like to do my research and shop around for the best deals. It just so happened that one of the worlds most highly regarded airlines happened to be the cheapest airline to fly with the day I booked my flights from Cape Town, South Africa to Buenos Aries South America. Although my flight path didn’t come with all bells and whistles, the only problem was the stopovers! And let me tell you they were horrendous! 13 hours in Doha and 18 hours in Buenos Aries! Although I was not looking forward at all to these stopovers, since flying with Qatar I now look at long hall stopovers as a good thing. The long stopovers allowed me to relax, and get some rest, but better yet it was a way for me to see new cities along the way.

I just happened to be lucky enough to land in Doha, Qatar for one of the stopovers. In Qatar they not only have quiet rooms, but also have sleeping rooms! Yes, sleeping rooms! These rooms are for people with long stopovers. They have darkened rooms with lounge bed like chairs that are reclined and secluded in a quiet area of the airport to help you sleep off some of that growing jet lag.

Now the airline itself is beautiful, simple but modern the layouts vary from plane to plane but majority have inflight entertainment systems, delicious unique meals, drink services every hour! And if your lucky like me, Wi-Fi, tinted windows shades and extra legroom!

Not only was the service exceptional, but I found the air hostess extremely helpful and friendly, my meals where tasty (I love plane food anyway) but there meals where fresh and offered a range of cuisines. The drink service was exceptional, every hour the hostesses came around collected rubbish and offered you a range of beverages. We had ice cream, chips, chocolates and tea/coffee also handed out during the flight! The plane was clean, modern and felt extremely comfortable. The only set back was the length of the flights (11 hours and 18.5 hours) but besides that, Qatar was wonderful, and an extremely lovely airline to fly with!

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