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Quick Guide To Ushuaia, Argentina

As the plane starts to descend over the Andy’s mountains you cant help but have your face glued to the window “Do you mind taking a photo for me” the woman asked next to me, I was so in awe I rudely ignored her request until I realise what she had just asked and quickly turned around to grab her camera off her. We where flying lower now under the clouds and could see miles of mountain ranges. The snow peaked capes where so glary, but I couldn’t look away. It was like nothing I had ever seen before.

From the minute we touched down in Ushuaia, Argentina I knew this small town would be forever embedded in my mind. Its natural beauty, the vast landscape and the friendly personalities of the locals are things that make this town so unique and loved by its locals.

I want to give you a few tips and tricks for travelling through and around Ushuaia. It may be a small town, but there is so much to see and do, I wouldn’t want you to get there and become too overwhelmed by its Varity of activities.

First things first. Ushuaia is cold. In the summer months, which range from mid September through to march you will find this time of year is not only a very busy time, but is also a wonderful time to see Ushuaia in its prime. With hiking, skiing, boating expeditions and natural nature exploring, the spring and summer in Ushuaia is often cool, but still offers a range of fun outdoor activities!

The winter months which range from march through to September are also just as busy, but more so for the keen skiers, and snowboarders. With the mountain ranges surrounding the small town, and the backdrop of the picture perfect beagle channel you cant find a more picturesque place to travel to.

Hiking is one of the favorite activates here, you can find local guided treks through he mountains, rainforests and open grass plains, where stunning town, mountain and the bagel channel views can be found. You can hire locals to take you on more personalized trips, or go out and explore on your own. Or even book onto a local tour, all of which can be organized in town and hold a variety of different treks for different levels of hikers.

Another reason many travel to Ushuaia is the famous saying of “I’ve travelled to the end of the world” – yep its true I’m afraid! This is not only the most southern city in the world, but is also the main departure point for Antarctica expeditions, which are carried out from October through to march. This not only means that many of the local shops hold beautiful winter clothing, but also mean literally all of the clothing shops will most defiantly be just hiking, skiing or winter clothing. So don’t expect to do too much shopping here! On the more positive side, this means you will find some of the most AMAZING seafood! Have you ever tried a giant spider crab from the deep ocean fished out from Antarctic waters? Well I suggest you do! Ushuaia hold some of the most fresh seafood delicacies. Oh and di I mention Ushuaia is in Argentina? I’m guessing you know what this means, the steaks are to die for!!!

Along with great fresh foods, nice little shops and good restaurants you will find good coffee, cute cafes, chocolate shops and my favorite iconic landmark – the museum! Now the Ushuaia museum generally costs around $150-200 peso per person, the entry ticket lasts two days and gives way into the famous prison located here, along with access into Ushuaia’s historical maritime museum.

What else can I do in Ushuaia? Well there are daily boat cruises that range from lunch buffets, sit down intimate dinner cruises, penguin colonies visits and the beagle channel viewing. All of which are amazing! Not into boats? Well you can travel on the train to the end of the world, visit the worlds most southern post office, take amazing scenic flights over the Andy mountains or just enjoy the nature and serenity surrounding the town.

What would I recommend? Ushuaia is too beautiful to pass on! Its just so picture perfect and too cute to miss out on! I would personally recommend visit in the early season of spring around September/October, the snow is still capped on the surrounding mountains, the temperature is cool, but stays around 8-10 degrees. There aren’t so many tourists and you will find much cheaper accommodation! I would say defiantly visit the museum, try a beautiful steak and fresh crab! Make sure you book onto a lunch or dinner cruise and try to do a day excursion to see the penguin colonies! Hop on the train to the end of the world and along the way make sure you visit the most southern post office!

Either way, whatever you like to do when travelling Ushuaia will have it! There are luxurious resorts with beautiful spas for relaxation and escaping, there are fun hostels and backpackers, nice accommodation in the heart of town and even camping if you’re a keen camper!

Its defiantly a destination I hope to return too one day, and I’m sure of it I will!


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