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Tour Company Review // ATC – Africa Travel Co.

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Africa is one of the most magical destinations I have ever stepped foot on. With its diverse wildlife, nature, history and culture its no wonder this continent is so well known!

From the minute I stepped off the plane in Kenya, Eastern Africa I just knew the next six weeks would be life changing! As a first time solo traveller it’s no wonder I was a little hesitant, reserved and unsure about my experiences yet to come. After researching the countries of Africa for the past several months, I came to the conclusion in February 2015, that I would indeed book an overland safari to discover Africa and why it is so well talked about and travelled too. Little did I realise the extensive amount of tours, companies and agents behind it all.

Being a young traveller it has always been in my highest interest to book the best deals I can find! When booking Africa my mindset was in this same mode. As I walked into the travel agency I notice an array of broachers for Africa, Gaining a handful I set off to read through and check out which ones suited me, my travel style and travel dates.

When I came across the ATC (Africa Travel Co.) broacher, it stood out with a different look and feel, with its black cover and detailed image of a cheater I was intrigued and opened the broacher to see the colorful, fun layout presenting the different tour itinerates, trip types and countries the company covered. Better yet the prices where there, showing all in detail what the total trip price was, the local payment price, and any additional extras if you where interested in other activities whilst travelling on the selected tours.

It was clearly laid out, understanding, and appealing. I jumped online to discover that ATC was a local based company in Africa, that prided itself in giving traditional experiences to those whom wanted it, and the option to upgrade if need be. By traditional I mean own camping, cooking, cleaning, and getting to tour around on an awesome giant bus.

Now it many sound daunting, but camping for six weeks is way more exciting, and a true experience to be had in africa! As a solo traveller I was concerned I would have to pay extra as I was travelling by myself, but it turned out this was not the case, which was a big plus for me. After carrying out my research on the company I decided to book my overland trip with ATC, which proved to become one of the best decisions I have made on this big trip so far to date!

The process was quick and easy, and within days I had my trip itinerary, optional activities sheet, details about where I was travelling to, staying and going. Along with a few extra emails, which contained information on the type of equipment and clothing I should bring along, the least I was to say is I was impressed!

Not only did I enquire about a few questions directly with the Cape Town head office. But I also managed to get replies within hours, all of which explained and helped me plan my trip. It was really nice and certainly re-assuring to have the company so eager to help me out and be so good with communication.

Africa Travel Co is a wonderful company that has designed different type of trip itinerary’s based on what you want to see, where you want to go and the type of budget and trip style you may be after. The target audience ranges and suits all different traveller types, along with offering different trip styles to suit your needs and budgets.

I have often found that many people ask, didn’t you want to travel with companies such as Intrepid or G Adventures, as you are a young solo traveller. The truth is after comparing the companies with ATC I found a difference in the aspect of ATC being more cultural and experience based. Meaning they offered a range of other activities and experiences along with a far more suited price range, it also ensured me without the burden of worrying that I would be travelling with young party travellers that would have the trip consist of late nights and drinking. Now don’t get me wrong I do love a good night out, but from what I have experienced, heard and seen, these companies did not appeal to me for an African safari. I wanted the full cultural experience, and not the drinking, partying option whilst travelling in Africa. Intrepid and G adventures are wonderful tour companies, but my plans to travel with them are in other destinations outside of Africa. 

ATC not only prides itself in being a local company, but also involves and includes many locals within the business. The drivers, cooks, tour guides and behind the scenes teams are many from local villages and cities that know the areas extensively. This helped whilst travelling through the different countries and made me feel very safe knowing my tour team where locals, knew the area, language, and surroundings.

Like many tour companies ATC likes to make sure its clients are well feed, looked after and having the most enjoyable time whilst on tour. Not only did we have the luxury of our own cook that made delicious local delicacy’s, along with a whole range of foods. But also having a trusted driver and tour guide was reassuring and made the trip feel very safe.

Most ATC trips are for any type of age group for 18 years and older. We had many young single travellers ranging from 18-35 along with older couples, newlyweds and a group of friends travelling together. There are also other tours that run specifically for families travelling with children, that are designed to accommodate travelling with other families and their children.

Trip itineraries, dates and prices can all be found in store at local travel agencies or online on the Africa travel co website:

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If you have been following along on my adventures, then you would probably like to take a look at the tour I did,

The Southern Explorer, 42 day Kenya down to Cape Town (overland tour)

Which I highly recommend to any type of traveller! If you are at all interested in travelling with Africa Travel Co, then be sure to book your trip today by emailing one of the friendly team members at:

State your intended tour, tour dates, and make sure you copy in the voucher code: Aussie blonde abroad – AFRICA to receive 10% off your South African tour!

This voucher wont last forever, so be sure to ask any questions you may have to either myself by emailing me at: or emailing the address located on the website.

Safe travels, and fly far!


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