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I Call, ROAD TRIP! Road Tripping The West Coast

Welcome to the big beautiful world of car hire! An experience for those who enjoy the freedom of traveling to new places and have the desire to go with the flow!

Hireing a car in the United States was possibly the only way we could have experienced a trip we had only dreamed about in America along the West Coast. Breathtaking national parks such as Bryce Canyon, Zion national park, antelope canyon, and of course the Grand Canyon! These are only a taste of the incredible scenic drives that you too you can experience! And what not a better way than hiring a car, loading it up with backpacks full of hiking gear and photography equipment along with the eski (or if you aren’t Australian – a “Cooler”) full of packed sandwiches, ice cold beers and of course the sneaky chocolate bars to energise you on your scenic hikes!

Now for many travellers the question normally thrown around for a trip such as this one (seeing lots of places and experiencing the greater outdoors along the way) is do I hire a car, an RV or just book myself on a tour?

Well first things first, it really does depend on the type of person you are and who you are travelling with! Not everyone feels comfortable hiring a car in a foreign county (especially if your from London or Australia and the cars are right hand drive) then there’s factors that come into play such as, you are with a friend who doesn’t drive meaning you will have to drive the whole trip (highly not advised! We did at least 200 hours of driving!) you have young children, or your travelling there for the first time alone!

It really does depend on your situation! My boyfriend and I had both been to the states before and done different parts with different type of vehicle with our families, but never actually driven ourselves (left hand drive) so for us we took in the fact it would be difficult to drive those first few days, and being in a giant RV would make it a thousand times more difficult! We also took note that we had access to Internet (we bought a prepaid SIM card) and found many more motels than expected in almost every town we could possibly pass through! Better yet, it’s early season so we knew we could get vacancy! Compared to camping grounds which would either still be closed due to snow in the higher parks, and the stress of finding a place for a giant RV every night! We knew it wasn’t peak season (Peak season for national parks are mid March till around beginning of August) so we figured w best hire a car – get use to the right hand drive, and just book motels as it was our first proper road trip!

Now for young families an RV would be perfect! Way back in 2005 when my family visited the states we did a similar road trip and as young kids having the space to spread out was exactly what we needed! Your beds, kitchen and bathroom are all right around you! So it’s perfect! No toilet stops every 20 minutes, and you can plop the kids in different spots so no fighting! The only thing I would recommend is make sure you know the camping areas around where you are planning to stay! Make sure they have plenty of vacancy (even pre-book if your worried) and just know it would probably be better to do a trip like this before or after peak season so it isn’t as busy/stressful! (Unless of course your pro caravan campers!)

Now for all you lovely travellers wanting to go out and explore, but your friends and family are stuck with there heads in there work cubicles or not bothered to travel at the time and place you are wanting too! FEAR NOT! There are a number of tours that cater for single occupancy travellers (and couples/groups etc that aren’t feeling the road trip side) just make sure you research the areas and parks you want to visit and be sure they include them in the itinerary!

I guess the main question about calling a round trip is cost, time and experiences! If your interested in part taking in a road trip such as our 21 day east coast trip through Nevada, Utah, Arizona, California and Washington State then click the link below to check out why you should pack those bags today and get driving!!!!

Have you done a road trip other than America? If so Email: we would love to hear all about your trip!

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