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Guide to scoring a bargain in Thailand!

So after walking through the endless streets along Patong beach, in Phuket Thailand surrounded by numerous pop up stalls, markets and the rip off brands such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, GoPro etc. I now realise there is more than just one way to score a bargain in the streets of Thailand! This is my fourth time back here, the beaches are beautiful, the food is delicious, and the culture is rich! It’s a place where you just go on a beautiful holiday and enjoy the paradise, shopping and seafood!

Patong beach in Thailand’s south in the area known as “Phuket” has long been known for its array in markets and cheap bargains where thousands of people (so many Aussies its ridiculous!!) flock to each year! I mean for a 3-5 star hotel costing less than $50 a night and beers for less then $1 it’s no wonder its so popular! Although with the popularity comes the down points…

You see with so many local people owning so many stalls it really comes down to the locals fighting over customers and it can become very overwhelming and a little scary its if your first time on the beaches of Phuket! That’s why I have created this simple three step guide to get you through the shops of Thailand without a problem and scoring you the best price!

Tip One: Thailand is a country where it is very catchy and tends to know all the latest trends! We are talking the Fluro Nike shoes, latest GoPro gadgets, Selfie sticks, fluro running clothes, trendy hand bags, tiffany and co jewelry, bikinis, you name it and Thailand has it! But don’t be fooled, these brands even though they look legit and may seem like it at the time, are 99.99% chance fake! Now for a bargain hunter like me, I don’t really mind if they are real or not! Because hey, who really knows right? But for those of you hunting for that one set of Nike runners that must be real or you cant stand to wear them! Then maybe visit the local shopping malls! They will still be far cheaper than home, but should be pretty real if you buy them from the outlet stalls!

Tip Two: Never buy something without halving the price first! Ok so your in Thailand, you know you came here to go shopping and this guy is telling you the tee shirt you want is only $1,000 Thai Baht which only ends up being $38 Aud! DON’T TAKE IT! You can buy the same shirt on eBay for that price! You’re here to bargain! So why not try to get the price down first! The best way is to half the amount they are asking for! You don’t want to insult them, so get a general idea of what the other shop owners are asking for first, then when you find the shirt you love and really want, walk in and instead of asking “how much is this?” say; “do you have any shirts for around …(say the price your after)…” in this case if your wanting to buy a shirt that is $1000 Thai Baht, ask for it for $500 Thai baht! I bet you anything they will point to some shirts they are willing to sell for the price you are asking for and then you know its game on!

Tip Three: Once you in, and the shop owner is telling you which shirts are the price you asked for, don’t pick up the one you want first! They will instantly say, oh no that one is $800 Thai baht … when your trying to get it for $500 baht! So look around a little first, pick up a few and then ask again! When it comes to the shirt you want and if they stay its more than the price your asking for, put it down and ask if they would do the price your asking for. They will say no, and generally ask for a little more, that’s when you say your final price (in this case if you went in asking for a shirt for around $500baht, and they said they want $800baht, you offer a little more like $600baht) and tell them, this is my final price! They will try to ask for maybe $700baht, but this is when you walk away, and your bound to have them chase you out and agree to almost half of the original asking price they wanted!

Confusing? Yeah, a little! The point is if your travelling to Thailand you could very easily get ripped off without even realising it, to you it may seem like a decent price! But just remember to half everything they offer you! This way you normally meet half way and can still at least walk away with a few extra baht in your pocket for the next bargain you come across!!!

Have a bargin hunting story abroad? I’d love to hear all about it!

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Safe Travels, and Fly Far!


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