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Dangerous Places? Yes, or No

Dangerous Places, Which aren’t actually dangerous!

So this is one of those blog posts where I’m sure some people will agree, and other not so much! After travelling solo, in groups, on tours, and now as a couple I have found some destinations to have more of a kick to them than others, you will always have those close friends and family members who no matter where you go, travel too and explore, they will still think it’s a silly idea and worry about you endlessly. This is OK. Its fine to have people caring about you and your wellbeing, but sometimes its frustrating, it can cause your own insecurities and anxieties to pop out and cause you to be on high alert, when at the end of the day, you honestly really didn’t need to be!

So in saying this lets talk about Africa and South America! Both of these countries have some of the most culturally rich and most incredible experiences available! Out of everywhere I have been the most memorable places have by far been in Tanzania, Namibia, Cape Town, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and even Columbia! But all of these destinations have in common the fact that for some strange reason are often missed by many travellers. I think in this day and age its OK to be cautious, especially for someone like a young traveller exploring the world for the very first time to places they have never been before. Like me! I was so cautious when I first arrived in Africa (it was the first part of my trip, and I was a young solo traveller at this time) but it meant I was too hard on myself, I look back and wonder why I didn’t go out more, talk to more people and regret hiding away in my hotel room. The same thing with Peru! When my amazon trip was cancelled I had to find a hostel to stay in for 6 days! SIX DAYS! I spent that whole six days in my dorm frantically trying to make travel insurance claims, and looking back now I know it was because I was worried. I mean I was literally left in the airport in Peru stranded without a plan, or idea of what to do! But I should have, once I got to the hostel at least gone out and explored, because Peru is beautiful!

Then there are places like Brazil, AMAZING COUNTRY! We spent new years on Copacabana beach and it was one of the most incredible experiences to date! But even though I was in a big group of people I tended to still be cautious, brazil has had its talk in the new before with scams, violence and robbery, and on new years its known as one of the most vital times of year as pick pocketing and stealing is at its prime! So I guess I had every reason to be a little cautious? But on new years, like any other time of year we didn’t go out with money in out pockets (have a waist belt with only what you need on you) we didn’t carry flashy items and like the locals walked around with our pockets turned inside out so potential pickpockets see you have nothing! And guess what! We didn’t have a problem at all!!! (Well my GoPro was attempted to be snatched out of my hand…but that’s only because I was flashing it around on the beach! Lucky for me my selfie stick was strong and they didn’t get away with it…)

The point I’m trying to get across is that no matter where you travel to in the world, there is always going to be violence, threats, scams, and the potential chance of being robbed. You could be in your own hometown and still have all of the same things happen to you as they could in a forging country! When your family and friends stress about where you are going, it’s OK. But do your research, talk to the locals, stay in safe areas (even if they cost a little more) and know your emergency contacts, the closest embassies, and police stations and its always nice to have a backup plan!

Natural disasters, terror attacks, violence, crime, it happens everywhere in the world! It is important to know about the areas you are visiting, like japan! They have earthquakes all the time, and if I hadn’t researched that – yes, they do have natural disasters such as earthquakes often, I would have run out onto the street screaming my head off in the middle of the night, when we felt a 3.7 magnitude earthquake back in march! Or like the time I was abandoned in the airport in Peru after a violent protest started and I couldn’t get on my flights, my tour was cancelled and I was totally stranded!

The point is, things happen all the time and they are often beyond our control! Just listen to what people say, but don’t take it to much to heart! Be smart, and safe, and have a back up plan! It will help you enjoy your visit and at the same time reassure yourself that if anything turns a little sour, at least you will know what to do, how to handle the situation and where to get help if needed!

Be smart, be cautious and travel safe, always!

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