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Product Review: Lotus and Luna

Lotus And Luna

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After receiving a beautiful little package in the mail, I was excited to see an array of wonderfully made handcrafted Lotus and Luna products, and super excited to test them out!

Filled with colourful glass, wooden, and painted beads these finely handcrafted bracelets, headbands and anklets where the perfect set for my Asia trip away. Not only where the products so well handcrafted but the stories behind how they are produced is just wonderful!

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Lotus and Luna provide fair employment to women in Thailand by offering the opportunity to create fine pieces of jewelry with there own creativeness.

The lotus and Luna products come in a wide array of designs, colours, and patterns, the way you wear them is totally up to you, whether it be a triple wrap, single headband, or even a double wrap anklet they are made to fit all sizes and shapes and offer a selection of loop holes to secure the product in place!

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After putting them on, I haven’t taken them off in over three weeks! The wear on them is great, lasting through salt water, sand and sun exposure they have barley faded at all!

Not only do these beautifully handcrafted accessories come from a truly wonderful cause, but they are also very well made and extremely fashionable and comfortable to wear!

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To check out the Lotus and Luna product range head over to here lovely website today!

Be sure to support this great cause!

and even get use to a special discount code: BLONDE20

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