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Items To Buy At Home And Bring Along For Your Next Vacation

So when we think about a vacation or a holiday, we often forget about the main essentials needed whilst away. After travelling all over the world there are endless occasions where I go into my bag to retrieve something and its either A. run out, or B. I forgot to bring it! You see many travellers think “oh, its ok, I can buy shampoo and conditioner overseas, I want that extra 0.5kg for my books to read on the beach!” Well this is a fair enough point, but at the end of the day essential items such as shampoo and conditioner can be harder to find than you may think!

Lets start with the basics! Everyday Items such as shampoo, conditioner and sunscreen can yes, be purchased overseas! But did you know that not only the brands overseas can be a total rip off (we are talking almost triple the price you can get them at home) but also if you go for the local brands you are more than likely just going to be paying for cheap stuff that can leave your hair extremely damaged and even fall out! I was using local products for the first 3 months around Africa, South America and Central America and ended up having hair like elastic! I would step out of the shower and brush it and it would retract like elastic and then just fall out or break apart! I was horrified!!! So I did my research and found some local brands are not even certified products! Then the next shock I had was sunscreen! In Brazil the sunscreen I purchased which was a local brand was only $4.50 for a 200ml bottle! This lasted me about a week and by the end of it I was still sunburnt and realized it didn’t protect my skin at all! I then went on and found the local Niva brand I use at home in Australia and it cost a whooping $11.60 for just a 200ml bottle! It protected my skin, but once again, it only lasted about a week!

Then we move onto products such as antiseptic like the brand Dettol, which you rub on areas to prevent infection, along with basic items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste.

All of these items are very cheap wherever you travel in the world, but what you will notice is they all vary in the type of products they have available. Different brands are found worldwide but can be extremely different to local brands from home. Say for example the toothpaste brand Colgate, wonderful toothpaste! But rip off brands which copy big brands, although they look similar! Can lead to staining your teeth and agitations in your mouth! My best advice, just buy tooth paste from home to bring, or find a really good local brand that wont start staining your gums and teeth! Then there is Dettol; I don’t know why I forgot to bring this away with me on a world trip! But I have found it was a very silly thing to do. Every time I have needed to prevent an infection such as grazing my leg on coral, rocks etc along with belly ring and eating infections or even the one time i cut my hand open, I have needed Dettol and never could find it anywhere! I resulted to putting alcohol swabs on the words, which I luckily had! the only problem was majority of the time it didn’t work very well! I would have rather used a good well known brand such as Dettol but couldn’t find it anywhere!

So there you go. If you’re like me and about to travel to a new destination for a nice little vacation, be sure to bring some personal essential items along with you! Sometimes it’s worth it, because you never know if you will find the same brands, with the same quality in other countries! And even if you do, they may cost you triple the price (which you might be ok to pay!) but for someone like me travelling for long periods of time, it adds up and is just worth it to bring it from home to save the hassel!


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