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Spending Guide To Phuket, Thailand

How Much Does Phuket Thailand Really Cost?

Ok so we are talking white sandy beaches, endless markets, fresh seafood and cheap everything! Welcome to total paradise and a place so full of bliss you will never want to leave! This is Phuket, Thailand!

After returning here for the fourth time over the past ten years (pretty much every third year I come back!) I can tell you not too much has changed, well if we are talking cheap shopping, fresh sea food and cheap 4-5 star hotels, then im on point! But one deeply sad point is that since 2014 the beaches across Thailand have had a slight change… the beautiful rows of endless beach chairs, umbrellas and water front bars are now no longer on Phuket’s beaches, for the reasoning beyond what I can say on here, but fear not! They could return soon! And in the mean time there is still 10% of the beaches selling sand made chairs with foam cushioned day bed matts and umbrellas for almost nothing and they are super comfy! Along with fresh smoothies and ice cold beers! I mean this is what you are coming to Thailand for right? To sit back relax and forget about all your worries!

But even though I have returned here numerous times, I have seemed to forget the way the currency works! You see Thai baht, like many other currencies can be confusing and hard to convert back into Aussie/American dollars. This I find is because we deals with 10,20,30,50,100 bills where as everything in Thailand is in 100, 500, 1000 etc.

With todays current exchange rate your looking at $1Aud = $26 Baht

So for a general idea you have the following…

100 Baht = 3.75 Aud

500 Baht = 18.80 Aud

1000 Baht = 37.65 Aud

With this knowledge lets do a rough price break down so you can see what your going to be spending your money on here in Thailand!

Airport transfer for four people in private car – $699 baht

One night accommodation at 3 star hotel along Patong beach – $1,200 baht

Local beer – $59 baht

Local thai meal at nice eat in restaurant – $350 baht

Local thai meal at small outside restaurant – $150 baht

Two beach chairs and an umbrella – $200 baht

1-hour beachfront massage – $400 baht

Handbag in markets – $200 baht

‘Nike’ running clothes – $300 baht

Day tour to phi phi islands with lunch for two people – $3700 baht (for two ppl)

One month unlimited data sim card –$500 baht

tuk tuk (local taxi) – $200 baht

Movie ticket – $160 baht

Hopefully this gives you a rough idea on what the pricing is like in Phuket, Thailand! As you can imagine this is only a rough guide, this is what we have paid around about, but we have been bargaining with the locals, and on other occasions have not tried to bargain at all! It is currently ‘high’ season here in Thailand (November – April) so in the low, rainy season prices can be up to half of what we have paid!

Have you visited Asia before? Where did you find the best deals, and how much did you pay? Id love to hear from you!

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