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Product Review: BlokRok

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If you are just like me and enjoy nothing more than the outdoors, then I’m positive you will just love this new innovating product by the BlokRok!

BlokRok is a brand that prides itself in promoting both wearing and applying sunscreen correctly. Whether you are addicted to sunbathing, an active seeker, travel wonderer, or just like me and love the outdoors, then this product is a must have item!

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When I first heard about the BlokRok I was blown away with how simple and easy it is to navigate and work! This wonderful invention the original ‘BlokRok’ is a specifically designed lotion applicator that you can fill up with your favorite sunscreen and apply evenly all over your body! Not only does this mean you are keeping your hands completely free of sticky, sweaty mess, but you are also evenly applying it over your body and reducing the likelihood of getting sunburnt and over skin exposure!

Now if you like the sounds of keeping your skin healthy and protected then don’t forget to look at their other products, such as the new ‘RokIt’ which, like the BlokRok provides evenly spread sunscreen on your body leaving no messy hands and extra skin protection! And better yet, it simply just connects straight into the sunscreen bottle you have bought! No need to fill it up, just pop it in and start spreading!

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After learning about these wonderful products, and having family members that have suffered from many skin cancers, I take it upon myself to take extra care of my skin, especially when exploring the outdoors! Not only is sunscreen extremely important, but so is applying it and using it correctly!

I love the BlokRok and the RokIt products! In fact, it’s a win – win! Not only are you applying your lotions properly, but also keeping your hands clean and better yet, being less wasteful leaving more sunscreen to apply later on in the day!

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Like the look for these products? Be sure to go and check out them out! Just head over to and you will also receive an awesome 10% off your purchase with the coupon code: ROKON

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