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How Much Does Laos Cost: Laos Spending Guide

How Much Does Travelling around Laos Really Cost?

With todays current exchange rate your looking at $1Aud = 6,1500 Kip

So for a general idea you have the following…

20,000 Kip = 3.25 Aud

100,000 Kip = 16.25 Aud

500,000 Kip = 80.00 Aud

With this knowledge lets do a rough price break down so you can see what your going to be spending your money on here in Laos!

Airport transfer for four people in private car – 57,000 Kip

One night accommodation at 3 star hotel – 150,000 Kip

Local beer – 6,000 – 10,000 Kip

Local Lao meal at nice eat in restaurant – 60,000 Kip

Local Lao meal at small outside restaurant (Street Food) – 15,000 Kip

1-hour tuk tuk ride sightseeing city – 80,000 Kip

Day tour to Plain Of Jars in private mini van (for full van including all people) – 300,000 kip

Day Tour to Kuang Si Waterfall – 70,000 Kip Per Person

1.5G data sim card –60,000 Kip

tuk tuk (local taxi) – 30,000 Kip

Hopefully this gives you a rough idea on what the pricing is like in Laos! As you can imagine this is only a rough guide, this is what we have paid around about, but we have been bargaining with the locals, and on other occasions have not tried to bargain at all!

Have you visited Lao before? Where did you find the best deals, and how much did you pay? I’d love to hear from you! Comment Below!

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