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Best Hippie Destinations

Colourful, inexpensive, traditional and rustic holiday destinations surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings! all whilst you live off the local fruits and traditional meals! A life living with and through the locals – This is the hippie way to Travel!

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Living off the land and through nature and the culture! Well if this sounds like you, then you are just going to just fall in love with these top three hippie holidays! We are talking bright colours, inexpensive prices and living each day as it comes.

Costa Rica, Central America

Costa Rica is full of rustic little towns, wonderful village lifestyles and lots of fun little bars, backpackers, and markets! There are also a range of local camping grounds scattered in the jungle and on the beach fronts. You see many backpackers around Costa Rica riding bicycles with beaded, bradded, dread locked hair and dressed in awesome hippie pants bought for less than $3 from the local markets! There are also a large range of delicious rich produce such as fruits and vegetables along with the classic Costa Rican meals like beans and rice which are cheaper than a can of Coke! Costa Rica is the perfect place for backpacking and those looking to travel on a tight budget and still have a chance to laze around on the tropical carribean beaches and wander into the lush rainforest.

Peru, South America 

Peru is the perfect place for those looking for rich culture and colourful items. We are talking rainbow embroiled clothing, bags, hats, hippie pants and tie dyed tee shirts! Peru is widely known for its alpaca and llama wool so the quality of the items are perfect and super cheap! There are many travellers that travel around Peru and the best way to get around is on overnight buses which cost no more than $10 for a 8-10 hour bus trip! You also come across a number of small Towns in Peru with a range of backpackers that live in the rustic Peruvian homes and hostels. Everyone is super friendly and you often see locals giving rides to travellers along with travellers eating meals with the locals!

Laos, Asia 

Laos would have to be one of the cheaper destinations to travel hippie style! Same as Costa Rica and Peru, Laos also has very colourful items for sale! There are markets everywhere, and everything such as food, beer and accommodation are extremely cheap! The only problem with Laos is it is such a big country it’s hard to decide where to go and what to see! But if your truly a hippie style traveller then home is everywhere, so you will enjoy the waterfalls, jungle and small city towns! The locals can be hard to communicate with as they aren’t use to many tourists or travellers, but most are curious and very friendly! You often see travellers riding on the back of trucks and staying in home stays in the local villages! There are a range of cheap mini buses that run around the country for transport and you can trade the clothes in your bag, or a meal and will most likely get dropped to where you want to go!

Costa Rica, Peru and Laos are all beautiful counties, much cheaper places to travel too and easy to get around! They all have bright colourful friendly cultures and often have good Visas available easily available on arrival for majority of passports! They also all have in common the large population of travellers who enjoy living the modern hippie travellers style with nothing but a backpack full of personal items, eating street foods and local fruits, exploring the markets and hitching rides with locals!

If this sounds like you, then defiantly check out these top three destinations for your next hippie holiday! Wether it’s relaxing, cultural or cheap your after Costa Rica, Peru and Laos will cover you and your trip!

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