What I Do Whenever I Feel Homesick

Have you ever just stood and looked around feeling the sand below your feet, the cool breeze drift through your hair, and smelling the summer flowers in the air?

Peaceful isn’t it.

The beach is my saviour, it’s my place of peace and freedom, it’s when I can relax and rejuvenate myself and my soul. After travelling around the world through countries I’ve never even imagined of visiting, I’ve always found myself leading towards its closest beach, purely because it’s a place I can take a step back and relax.

Maybe your peaceful place is hiking through the woods, skiing in soft powder, relaxing by a fire or even just sipping on a coffee in the car! Whatever, and wherever this place is, it’s in your soul and you only truly feel relaxed, safe and free when you are there in that moment.

I’m often asked how I can travel for so long without giving up. Without becoming bored, and tired, and just over it. The truth is I have restless feet! I like to try new things and to be on the move! I love the feeling of waking up in the morning and knowing no one day will be like the days before, as everyday when you are travelling is different! However I do have times when I need to stop and find myself again And how I do this is by finding the closest beach!

After growing up in the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia my lifestyle has been deeply shaped by the beaches around where I live, I have spent almost every weekend in the water, with sand between my toes and the smell of sunscreen is like home for me! It’s just how my life has always been, and probably will always be like! I mean why change it? Life is better at the beach, right?

When I first set off into the world, I didn’t realise how important the beaches where to me, they not only represent where I came from but also who I am and the life I left behind. I only later learned it felt as though a part of my life was gone.

You see when you travel for some time you come across places that you simply just fall in love with! And for me strangely they always seemed to be along a beach somewhere in the world, it was at this point that I then realised these places where ironically where I was feeling the most homesick! And it then became clear to me I had most likely fallen in love with these places because when I was feeling as though I missed home, I then went and sat at the beach and felt so much better about everything! It’s like when I am near the ocean, sitting in the sand and listing to nothing but the waves, I feel so much peace and am just so relaxed! because to me, it’s like home!

Home is truly where your heart is, I may miss home every now and then, but once I reconnect with the beach I feel instantly relived and relaxed once again.

The point is, no matter where you may be in the world, there will always be a safe place to gather yourself again, and mine just so happens to be at the beach and lucky for me, there is almost always a beach near by!


How do you get over being homesick? Comment below!

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