Planning Travel as a Couple

It’s hard enough trying to decide on your own where to travel to, let alone having to agree on a destination with a second person. This could be your other half or a regular travel buddy. How do you decide where? What to see? What activities to do? How far in advance to book? Who pays for what?

Well, what we do as a couple seems to work well so I thought I’d share it with you. It starts with our New Year resolutions. For the past few years travel destinations have overtaken our resolution list. The challenge is narrowing them down to destinations we’re both happy with and being realistic with what we can afford and have time for. Both of us work which helps with the ‘afford’ part of the challenge, it’s the ‘time’ that puts our plans on hold until both our managers approve our holiday requests.

Planning is the key. Resolutions are fun to make over a glass of bubbly but without planning the year can slip by without you achieving what you set out to. In January we revisit our resolutions and essentially do a prioritising activity. This year we have an extra sense of urgency as we are moving back to Australia from our current home – London. So, we ask ourselves questions like ‘when we’re settled back in Australia, what places would we regret not visiting?’

Then, we look at flight / train prices across the year for these destinations to work out the cheapest time of year to travel, balanced with the season we want to experience there e.g. summer. A way of doing this is searching flexible dates on Skyscanner. During your search you might even come across an amazing deal and lock in your first adventure straight away! Depending on how soon the dates are or how popular the dates might get, we prioritise what we need to book and manage this with our monthly pay cycle. As a couple we rely on each other and depending on the bank balance, the other might be able to book travel plans early to save costs.

To keep track of what we’ve booked and what we still need to book, we have an A3 planner on our wall. It’s nothing fancy. You could literally get a piece of A3 paper, some blu-tac and design something fun with pens you have lying around. Keeping the planner on the wall reminds us to keep on top of our travel planning.

So in summary, here are the steps we follow:

  • brainstorming
  • prioritising
  • research
  • start booking!
  • update planner

As for what to see and what activities to do, that’s the next step once you’ve locked in flights, accommodation and other important things like car rental. We follow a similar process if we have time. We also enjoy leaving this to a few days beforehand (or sometimes the day OF travel!) and going with the flow. Sometimes you discover more that way!

How do you plan travel as a couple? Commetn below!

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