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Spending Guide: How Much Travelling In Cambodia Costs

How Much Does Travelling Around Cambodia Really Cost?


The first thing to know for travelling and spending in Cambodia is that they take US cash EVERYWHERE! Don’t bother taking out Cambodian riel as they prefer US cash, and yes you can with draw it from all of the ATMs!

With this knowledge lets do a rough price break down so you can see what you are going to be spending your money on here in Cambodia!


What Things Cost:

Airport transfer for two people in local Tuk Tuk – $5-10

One nights accommodation at 3 star hotel – $20-35

Local beer – 0.50c

Local Lao meal at nice eat in restaurant – $6

Local Lao meal at small outside restaurant (Street Food) – $1.50

Half day tour around temples including Angkor Wat in Tuk Tuk – $15

Entry ticket (Full day pass) to temples (Is purchased on date of visiting temples, and is not included in the day tour cost) – $20

Backpackers accommodation in shared room – $4

Day tour out to the Islands around the coast of Otres Beach – $5-$10

Hopefully this gives you a rough idea on what the pricing is like in Cambodia! As you can imagine this is only a rough guide, this is what we have paid roughly, but please take into note we have been bargaining with the locals and on other occasions have not tried to bargain at all!

Have you visited Cambodia before? Where did you find the best deals, and how much did you pay? I’d love to hear from you just Comment Below or email me today at:

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