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Everything You Need To Know About Plane Rage

Plane Rage And How To Avoid It!

Ok so this is one of those posts where I’m going to ramble, imagine sitting on a 10 hour flight and a baby screaming and kicking the back of you chair. Endlessly. For hours! The parents are numb by now and have lost all control, poor things and poor baby! It’s pretty hard taking young children on planes, especially when they throw tantrums or cry. Sometimes it cant be helped and the parents just go into flight mode, because hey! What else can they do in a giant metal tube flying through the sky?

I feel their pain but there is only so much suffering I can take before I explode and throw my own tantrum!

This is plane rage and after flying on hundreds of planes around the world, every so often I have been faced with annoyances and situations beyond my control that I only feel it is right to share with fellow travellers to not only warn, but also show you how we can all fall victim to plane rage!


Episode 1: Screaming Babies

As I stated above I actually feel genuinely sorry for parents and there small children on planes, no one can help or predicts their behavior, but I Have to tell you this one account when I almost lost it!

There was this couple that had two small children that where sitting across the row from me and before the plane even took off I knew this family was going to be a problem. The children were about 2 and 4 both little girls, and something happened where the youngest threw a tantrum because she couldn’t colour in her book as we were about to take off, she started screaming and I mean SCREAMING! Everyone was looking at this poor couple, the parents ignored her hoping she would tier herself out but they were wrong. 45 minutes later we were finally in the air, I had my music up as loud as it could go and she was STILL screaming!! The flight attendant asked if she wanted to walk the isle with her, she took her and it didn’t help. By this point everyone was ready to scream back at her, I felt pretty cranky that the parents didn’t even try to comfort her, she was now crying because she wanted attention and I thought, just pick her up give her a cuddle and she will stop! Funnily enough the old lady next me though the same thing and yelled out “for goodness sake just give her a cuddle and she will stop!” The father looked shocked, l mean seriously? Your child had been crying for almost an hour, you would think he would have tried to quieter her down, but never made any attempts! The woman next to me then shot up and said “give her to me” she took her and started hushing her, distracting her with her keys and BAM! They baby stopped!!!! Just like that, the father didn’t care; he just put his headphones back on and went back to ignoring his kids.

I swear if that lady didn’t stand up and help, I’m sure she would have continued to cry for the whole 6 hour trip!


Episode 2: Cranky Flight Attendants

Ok, I understand flight attendants have crazy hours, crazy passengers and deal with rude, messy and strange people daily! But there is no need to be rude to those that are simply trying to enjoy their flights and start to their holidays! I have had many rude flight attendants before, but this one stood out more in my mind! I was on a flight from Ushuaia to Chile and this Argentinean flight attendant was out to mess with anyone she could! Me included. In South America the planes are packed! Every seat is booked out and his means the overhead space for carry on is also packed full! If you don’t get on first, chances are you wont be able to store your bags! When I bordered I had booked a seat next to the window and after asking the flight attendant where to place my bag as the spaces where all taken she rudely replied, “I don’t know, why don’t you just look with your eyes and find a place!” The least to say is I was shocked! How rude I thought! I sat down in my seat only to have the same flight attendant ask me to remove my bag from the space I had placed it around 5 rows ahead of my seat and find a space closer as more passengers where going to need that space. I stood up and asked where on earth I was going to put it as there was no space down here where I was seated. She looked at me and said “your going to have to move it” I took the bag out and asked the other attendant where to place it, he took it and put it down the front of the plane. But this lady didn’t stop here. Just before take off they where closing the overhead spaces and there she was again! This cranky flight attendant that clearly had a problem with me had taken it upon herself to remember my bag had then carried it down 20 rows to my seat and said I could not place it where it was. I was about the explored. I think I even asked her what her problem was (whoops) she was fuming and gave me the bag and walked away. I thought, whoops I’m getting kicked off! Then the male flight attended that was the head of cabin crew came down and asked what the problem was, he was the one who had placed my bag up the front in the first place! He listened and said “I remember placing it up the front, don’t worry I will store it for you” and with that he took the bag and put it straight back where he had placed it minutes before.

That woman didn’t talk to me the rest of the flight, she was giving out lunch and purposely skipped me, she also looked away and said nothing when I was stepping h off the plane when they always stand their and say bye! I don’t know what on earth her problem was, but she seriously needed a chill pill and to calm down! It was a bag, that didn’t affect her or anyone else on the plane! Silly lady.


Episode 3: Inconsiderate People

I’m sure every single one of us had experienced someone inconsiderate on a plane, there is always someone that pushes past you trying to get to their seats before you do, or the people that try to push in to go to the bathroom before you, when clearly there is a line! Or what about the ten year old children that are seated away from their parents that think it’s ok to kick the back of your seat, and then there are just The people that should be kicked off the plane like the people that stick their dirty smelly feet next to you on your arm rest! The list is endless, funnily as I am writing this there is a pair of dirty feet sticking into my elbow because the silly lady behind me decided it’s ok to stick her feet on my armchair!!!! YUK!

Only last week did I totally explode at a old man on my domestic flight in Vietnam when he had something seriously wrong with him and acted like a worm! He was seated behind me and was fidgeting and moving Constantly! He was kicking into my chair, pushing it forward and his face was glued to the window, which was between our seats so I could hear him breathing, as my head was right next to the window. I put my headphones in and ignored it, but it got worse, and worse, and worse! This man was around 50 and just could not sit still!! Matt was starting to get frustrated too as he was also hitting his chair too. We keep trying around and giving him greasy Looks but he didn’t get the message, so when he stood up to go to the bathroom and stuck his whole hand over the top of my seat head rest (which any normal person wouldn’t do – they would just grab the side of the seat to pull them sleeves up) he grabbed my head and hair and proceeded to haul himself up! I was EXPLODING! What on earth was he doing grabbing my head to pull himself up! I mean like what on earth!!! I stood up and scared the living. Day lights out of him, I yelled what the hell are you doing!? He stood there for a second muttered something and then continued to hold my whole chair and try to pull himself out! Once I sat down I was shocked I had actually yelled at him, but Matt was grinning, he said he was about to scream at him as well. Heck this man had been so annoying for hours! Sadly he didn’t stop, he continued to push and bash our chairs and breath in my ear for the next hour.



Just avoid flying…No I’m only kidding!!! But in this day and age, with people and their manners it seems only fair to say some are polite, and others not so much. Everybody has bad days, and unfortunately when you are trapped in a plane with 150+ other people all trying to get to places it does mean there will be conflicts, some of which are bigger than you and you will just have to deal with!


Safe Travels and Fly Far!


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