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Spending Guide: How Much Travelling In Vietnam Really Costs

How Much Does Vietnam Really Cost? Vietnam

Vietnam is beautiful! whether you are going to be travelling through Ho Chi Minh, up into Hoi An and then onto Hanoi and Ha Long bay or vice versa, Here is a rough guide for you and your travels and how much things will cost along the way!

NOTE: With todays current exchange rate your looking at $1Aud = 16,000 Dong

With this knowledge lets do a rough price break down so you can see what your going to be spending your money on here in Vietnam!

What Things Cost:

Airport transfer for four people in private car – 440,000 Dong

One night accommodation at 3 star hotel – 400,000 Dong

Local beer in shop – 8,000 Dong

Local Beer Bought at dinner – 20,000 Dong

Local meal at nice eat in restaurant – 180,000 Dong

Local meal at small outside restaurant – 80,000 Dong

Day tour to Cu Ci Tunnels – 210,000 Dong

Day tour to Ha Long Bay Overnight with all Meals and Transfer from Hanoi- 2,000,000 Dong

One month unlimited data sim card –200,000 Dong

Local taxi (Green meter taxi) – 20,000 Dong

Hopefully this gives you a rough idea on what the pricing is like in Vietnam! As you can imagine this is only a rough guide, this is what we have paid around about, but we have been bargaining with the locals, and on other occasions have not tried to bargain at all! It is currently ‘Dry’ season here in Vietnam (December – April) so in the low, dry season prices can be up to half of what we have paid!

Have you visited Vietnam before? Where did you find the best deals, and how much did you pay? Comment Below!

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