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At 23-years-old my family keeps asking me when I am going to settle down and my only response is, “Hopefully no time soon.” Falling in love with new places and new people is what keeps my world spinning around.

Part of my desire to travel comes from my hometown, Gloucester, Massachusetts. It is a gorgeous place that seems to suck people in. There are people that spend their whole life on that island and I have never wanted to be like that.

I do encourage anyone traveling in the Boston area to stop into Gloucester for a day. It is a small island rich in history and decorated in rocky coastlines and sandy beaches. Read more about the things to do and see in Gloucester on my Parachute page.


Just after my 21st birthday one of my roommates and I took a cruise around the Caribbean. This was the first time I embarked on my own adventure sans family. My most prominent memories from this trip are from Grand Turk. This was the place that really sparked my curiosity when it comes to traveling, and I think for that reason it is my favorite destination to date.

While in Grand Turk we took a tour around the island which ended in a small yard behind a corner store. There were a group of locals here hanging around, drinking some beers, and grilling up some local cuisine for us. The tour took us out of our comfort zone and we were really able to emerge into life on the island.

I fell in love with traveling when I realized how much I could learn about myself by jumping out of my comfort zone and exploring new places. Every place I have traveled I have found beauty and adventure but I have also found parts of myself in these places.

I have learned to become more confident in myself, I know now that I can handle more than I thought I could. This past year I went from living in a 4-star hotel in Mexico to living in a shed in Alaska.


When I decided to spend time this summer in Skagway, Alaska I did not know what I was getting myself into, but I did not expect it was going to be a shed. It has been a couple weeks and I now fully embrace the shed life and everything that comes with it, including the spiders.

Spiders are a small price to pay for living in a place like Skagway. This small gold-mining town is nestled between several snow-capped mountains which provide plenty of hiking and site-seeing opportunities. Skagway’s history draws in tourists by the thousands in the summer, allowing adventure-seekers like myself to find seasonal work in town.

Another thing I have learned in my travels is that meeting new people is not as hard as it seems. I learned that it is better to put yourself out there, people will either like you or they won’t. If you are in the same place as somebody, doing the same thing, you already have something in common.


While I was in college I knew that I wanted to travel, and my biggest question was how will I be able to afford to travel and pay my student loans? I think a lot of other people have this question as well, and there are going to be different answers for each person.

What I have learned is that everything is temporary, and it must be if you want to travel. You can live in temporary homes while making permanent memories and live with temporary peers while making lifelong friendships. I do this by taking temporary jobs; I have worked my way through Myrtle Beach, Cancun, and am currently working in Skagway.

Although my list of adventures is short right now, I am always up for more and I cannot wait to see where this ride takes me next!


By Moria Souza From

Instagram: @_moriax

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