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Guide To My Home Town! Northern Beaches, Sydney Australia

Guide to the Northern Beaches, Sydney Australia (My Home Town!)

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Curl Curl

North Curl Curl Beach

Wander Local Questions

  • What is the place you call home, and how long have you lived there? 

Sydney, Australia. I have lived here since I was 3 years old. After I was born my family lived in Indonesia for three years for my fathers job and just after my sister was born we moved back home to Sydney where I grew up on the beautiful beaches!

  • Hands down, what’s the best thing about your hometown? 

The beaches! I have always had a love for the beach, even when travelling around the world I have always made an effort to go to the ocean and see the beaches around the world! Its pretty safe to say nothing beats the beaches along the coastline of Sydney. My favorites by far South Curl Curl, Avalon, And Freshwater in the area of Manly in the Northern Beaches!

  • How about restaurants? 

Well if you are looking for a nice Italian meal there is always Stella Blue on Dee Why Beach, a nice steak is at Barbutos in Narrabeen, Andys Fish and Chips (Deep Sea Seafood) in Freshwater for a great fish and chips! Then head to Newport for Newport burgers for the best burgers in the beaches!

  • Any great cafes or bakeries we should try out?

I wouldn’t really say there are many local bakeries, there is a nice little one in Freshwater, but there are also the classic Bakers Delights everywhere. For the best coffee spot in the Northern Beaches definitely head down to Dee Why Beach and along the path towards the Cliffside pool is a beautiful little café that you just cannot miss out on!

  • What is the most unusual thing to do in your hometown? 

Buy a portable BBQ and visit Clontarf beach, Manly or Narrabeen lake and cook some amazing (very tender and all Aussies have tried/eat it!) Kangaroo meat! Make a coleslaw salad and open some ice-cold beers and watch the sunset over the water. Best Sunday afternoon activity!

  • What inspired you to leave home and explore the world? 

I never really had any interest in travelling until I finished school and started working fulltime. One day I heard a fellow work colleague say he was leaving to go travelling for six months, I was so amazed that a 24 year old (I was only 18 at the time and thought he was too old to go travelling) was actually quitting his job to go and travel. I thought it was outrageous! But as I started seeing photos I started research the places they were visiting and I guess this is where my wanderlust bug started. From that day onwards I decided when I had turned 21 I would go and travel the world. So when I turned 21 I quit my job and haven’t looked back since!

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