Thirty Things You Don’t Know About The Aussie Blonde Abroad


Aussie Blonde Abroad

Thirty Things You Don’t Know About The Aussie Blonde Abroad

  1. My favorite colour is white. Hence the pastel and white colours I’m always wearing!
  2. My favorite music artist (at the moment) is David Garrett who is a famous electronic/rock violinist (HE IS AMAZING!) seriously if you haven’t heard him play, click the link below! Mind blowing!

  1. I have developed a strange case of plane anxiety since flying almost weekly over the past twelve months. Thankfully I’m much better now than I was at the beginning of the year (I would totally freak out).
  1. My favorite food has to be Thai food! A good Pad Thai and Beef Massaman Curry is definitely the key to my heart.
  1. My favorite TV series would have to be Modern Family, Heart of Dixie, and Game of Thrones (random mix much!)
  1. My favorite continent is South America. It is seriously one of the most amazing places in the world! I would go back in a heartbeat!
  1. I have British citizenship as well as Australian 😉
  1. I never went to university. I completed a plumbing, hydraulics certificate in TAFE and became a hydraulics and Fire draftsperson in the engineering industry, and have just completed my project management course. I am hoping to follow a path in construction project management when I eventually go home.
  1. My first international trip was when I was a baby to Indonesia.
  1. I can’t live without nail polish (I seriously have over 12 nail polishes right now and I’m backpacking through Europe!!? Like WHAAAAT)
  1. I have been with my boyfriend for over six years now. He’s been travelling with me for the past eight months, but leaves in August 🙁
  1. If I could change anything I have done over the past 12 months of travelling, it would be to leave without any plans. No plans, are the best plans!
  1. I really don’t like alcohol. I would much prefer a nice glass of cold lemonade or apple juice!
  1. I can’t stand coffee! The smell makes me feel sick and in serious cases, gag! Hahah
  1. I have a pet cat, called misty but our next door neighbours have pretty much adopted her since I’ve been gone, they let her sleep in their beds and feed her tuna (things I never let her do) so I’m sure she most likely doesn’t miss me and doesn’t even realize I’m gone 🙁
  1. I started a nationally recognized charity, The Lovely Day Foundation last year in 2015 and when I return home, I hope to start to focus greatly on the charity and charitable work around the local communities within Australia. (More info coming later in the year!)
  1. My favorite thing in the world to do is to go on long drives and blast the music super loud, just singing my heart out like a complete retard! (But who doesn’t?)
  1. My favorite place to shop is the Australian version of Kmart and Forever New.
  1. My favorite travel products would have to be my portable clothesline, Mini hair curler and Kmart backpack which turns into a wheely-bag (which I just had to throw out, because I have too much stuff!)
  1. The worst experience I have had abroad was almost being arrested in Tanzania, Africa. For taking a photo of a police officer (It’s illegal to take photos of officials in Tanzania) BUT to my defense he stepped out of nowhere and I was taking a photo of the street not him!
  1. The thing I miss most about being away from home is the beach. I really miss just driving past and walking along the beautiful beaches in the Northern Beaches.
  1. Since travelling my hair has become so broken it’s crazy! It looks like I have layers (which I don’t) but because it is SO broken it looks that way! And no, I will not cut it because I am scared of hairdressers.
  1. The longest flight path I have been on was from South Africa to Ushuaia, South America on my way to Antarctica. It took 57 hours! FIFTY-SEVEN!!!!
  1. My favorite vegetable and fruits are avocados, strawberries, mangos and corn. I can’t stand capsicum and tomatoes.
  1. I really want a pet teacup piglet or a ferret or even pet quails. Something odd that not many people have!
  1. My favorite ice cream flavor is choc mint and lemon sorbet.
  1. In my spare time I read motivation quotes, watch scary ghost hunter and haunting shows on YouTube and read true crime novels.
  1. My favorite “brand” is Swarovski. I LOVE sparkles. I have never been one for designer handbags, just sparkly stuff.
  1. When I was little I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. If I had a choice to magically be whatever I could be, I’d choose to be a nurse or mid-wife (Still potential for this to happen if I ever go to University)
  1. If I had to live somewhere else in the world besides Australia, it would have to be Canada or Mexico along the Riviera Maya.

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