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Is it July already? How fast does time fly! This July Run Towards Travel has some very exciting people joining the team to contribute to the site offering you all kinds of answers to some of the most frequently asked travel questions, travel styles and stories!

These lovely travel bloggers all run there own incredible platforms, and I am just SO excited to have them sharing there wonderful articles and posts with you all.

Now let me introduce you to the two wonderful Laura’s, Virginia, Jodie and Harry.



Laura from

Laura is from Montreal, Quebec Canada and is currently living in Vancouver, BC Canada. She will be covering all Solo Travel posts!

About Laura

Hi! I’m Laura, a 27 year old self-proclaimed wanderluster extraordinaire.

Happiest when living out of backpack & living to experience everything the world has to offer!

Six years ago I took a leap of faith taking a job in a tiny mountain town in Canada that I had never heard of, leaving my hometown of Montreal in the rear view. Within days of calling Jasper, Alberta home I quickly realized how much I needed this kind of adventure in my life.

Fast forward to 2016 and I’ve been lucky enough to call both Australia & New Zealand home. Used a wooden sled to toboggan down an active volcano in Nicaragua. Ziplined superman-style over the Cloud Forest in Costa Rica. And even hiked the Na Pali Coast trail in Hawaii.

What now you ask? Now, I’m living on Canada’s West Coast exploring all the Pacific North West has to offer while trying to decide where I’ll wander to next…



Virginia from

Virginia is a fellow Aussie from Australia who will be covering all Family Travel posts!

 About Virginia

I am a 40-year old project manager who rather than have a mid-life crisis, I’ve turned to blogging.

I am passionate about family, travel and writing. Kids and Luggage aims to both educate and entertain anyone who is a family member.

Kids and Luggage addresses the needs of families as they travel. Families require a lot of different things as the children grow.

I have two children, 8 and 2- both male. I have four sisters and between them there are another 9 children aged between 18-2 that I am able to travel with and provide a review, experience for any age group.

Kids and Luggage covers family travel, travel tips, equipment and app reviews and discussions, Aussie culture, dining, coffee reviews and a monthly book club.


harry and jodie essaouira

Jodie and Harry from

Jodie is an Australian currently living in London, she will be covering a number of Couples Travel posts!

About Jodie

Hi I’m Jodie, and am a global Aussie traveller with a sense of adventure and love for animals!

Hoff to Explore started in 2015 to share travel stories, tips, photos and videos from all around the globe.

From the days I rode my bike that one block further, ventured far and wide to collect rocks for my picnic basket, built cubby houses among trees and beach erosion and had to be rescued after rockclimbing that little bit too far in a changing tide with a storm rolling in, I’ve always been a traveller.

Now I’m 31, living and working in London and travelling at every opportunity, often with my partner, Harry. We are big kids at heart and enjoy adventure travel, city breaks and relaxing beach holidays in both well-known and off the beaten track destinations.

I love animals just as much as travel. I’m that little girl who coaxed the friendly dog home on the walk from school. I’m still that girl, squeezing animals with love all over the world.



Laura from

Laura is in her twenties and currently lives in Miami Beach and New York, she will be covering a range of Luxury Travel posts!

About Laura

Hi, my name is Laura and I am a travel addict. Ever since I was a little kid I have loved to travel. After all, my first flight was when I was only one month old!  I grew up in the Hawaiian Islands, went to high school in Austin, TX and currently reside in Miami Beach and New York City.  From that tiny island of Oahu, I have already visited 50 countries and counting…

This is an expensive hobby! People ask me all the time how I can afford to travel so much. How I carve out the time and money to go to the far corners of the world…and why? Most people will say that I am lucky that can travel the world without a care. Yes, I have been very blessed in my life, but you can be too! I am a firm believer that you control your own destiny and you will quickly learn tips to maximize your budget while still enjoying the perks of luxury travel.

Want to learn more about the RTT Contributors? Be sure to check out there wonderful blogs and stay tuned for some upcoming posts!

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