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Spending Guide: How Much Does Slovakia Cost

How Much Does Travelling around Slovakia Really Cost?

With todays current exchange rate your looking at $1Aud = €0.65 Euro

So for a general idea you have the following;

€5= 7.75 Aud

€10= 15.50 Aud

€20= 31.04 Aud

With this knowledge lets do a rough price break down, so you can see what you’re going to be spending your money on here in Slovakia.

One night accommodation at 1-3 star hotel – €25

One night accomodaion in 3-5 star hotel – €50

Local beer – €1

Sit down dinner – €5-8

Takeaway Asian/Italian food – €2-3

Coffee/fruit smoothie – €2

One month sim card –€9

Hopefully this gives you a rough idea on what the pricing is like in Slovakia! I have found out of all of the European counties, Slovakia is the cheapest so far. Although there isn’t too much to see and do in Slovakia, it is a beautiful little country with extremely friendly people and very, very cheap!

Have you visited Slovakia before? Where did you stay? Comment Below!

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