20 Reasons Why Travelling as a Couple is the Best Way to Travel

Travelling as a couple is a good test for any relationship. Luckily for us, it’s only brought us closer and 16 destinations later ( we still love each other.

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Here’s 20 reasons why travelling as a couple is the best way to travel


  1. You can share the job of travel agent so not one person has to do all the bookings
  2. Costs for things like accommodation can be shared
  3. There’s more room in your bag thanks to only having to pack 1 of things like toothpaste
  4. If you forget to pack the vitals (e.g. passport) first time around, your partner will remind you!
  5. You’ve got someone to sense check things like time needed to get to the airport


  1. Tasting twice as much food – we always order something different so we can share
  2. You can share research on things to see and do so there’s less chance of missing something extraordinary!
  3. You’ll be safer especially if you like off the beaten track adventures like us e.g. when one of you is getting whipped away on a donkey by two locals in Egypt, the other can panic / alert help
  4. Deciphering a foreign language is better with two heads than one e.g. reading menus and asking where to find something should the first attempt fail!
  5. Your partner knows you – the ‘hangry’ stage (a mix of hungry and angry) is recognisable early to allow for an immediate food search and avoid rage stage
  6. Same goes with holding an animal, your partner knows that you definitely want a cutesy photo of the two of you together without saying a thing (or is that just me?)
  7. Things like bartering at markets can get exhausting, having two of you means you can take turns!
  8. You have someone to get excited with before adrenaline boosting activities like base flying and afterwards with that “let’s do that again!” feeling
  9. There’s apps for currency conversion but it’s always good to have two people to double check the exchange amount particularly before bigger transactions
  10. It means there is two people to decipher the map!
  11. Two lots of photos to choose from! From selfies to must-see attractions, you’ll have it all covered!
  12. Your best friend is right there beside you to share life changing experiences with (awww)
  13. Sharing a bottle of wine over dinner and reflecting about your life together is something you might not always find time to do in the hustle and bustle of life, especially living in London!


  1. If you have a bad memory like me, your partner can help you remember all the little things about the holiday
  2. Lifetime memories together to tell the kids one day!


Most importantly, travelling as a couple means you can be yourself. No pretending necessary to make others happy! Have I convinced you to book your next holiday with your partner?

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