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The Most Creepiest Moments To Have Abroad

The Most Creepiest Moments To Have Abroad

So there have been times in my travels where some interesting things have taken place, from staying in weird places, to meeting strange people to just having super creepy things happen in general. I couldn’t decide on just one thing, so I decide to write out the creepiest moments I have embedded in my mind which I will be lucky to get rid of if I can!

The first creepy experience was when I was travelling through Patagonia in South America, I had just organized a 4 day tour to go and see the Perito Moreno Glacier and when I arrived my tour was organized incorrectly and this meant I had an extra three days in some pre-booked accommodation, little did I know that this accommodation was in fact in the middle of nowhere, over half an hours driver away from the local town. This little hotel was smack bang in the middle of nowhere, and that was the first of my worries. When I arrived not only was I placed in a room right next to the owners, but also the room had a connecting door to their room! I made sure it was locked, which it was but it had a key hole which freaked me out a little, and I had every right to be. On the second night I found myself starring at the key hole from my bed which was across the room from the door, it was around 11pm and I was trying to get to sleep but all I could hear was the owners talking in the room next door. A few minutes later I was half asleep and as I was drifting off just looked up at the door and to my absolute surprise caught an eye through the keyhole starring in, I completely froze and when the person moved away the light shined back in through the keyhole. Luckily it was dark in my room so the man or women, whoever was being creepy, couldn’t see anything. The next morning I asked to move rooms and thankfully ended up on the second floor with now extra doors and keyholes!

My next creepy moment would have to be when Matt (boyfriend) and I were visiting Breckenridge, Colorado it was the day we were due to leave and after we checked out of our accommodation we decided to go check out the local museum because we had nothing else to do. Breckenridge is known to be an old mining town, so a lot of history is around the small town, it was no surprise that when we were inside the museum that I had a creepy feeling wash over me. Here I was starring at some very interesting looking photographs, the miners looked scary in some photos, sad and even exhausted in others. As I ventured upstairs there was a little play area for young kids where they could dress up in old mining kids clothing, it was a little odd I thought, because if I was a mother I probably wouldn’t let my children try on old children’s clothes from over a hundred years ago. It just seemed a little strange to me, but of course I was intrigued and decided to venture in a take a look, I was touching the clothes looking at them with cuirosity and had this really weird feeling wash over me. A voice in my head just shouted “GET OUT!” and I felt like someone was in the room with me, I turned to walk out of the room and was compeltely pushed from behind, my mind was spinning and I thought I was going crazy but my intuition said, get downstairs right now. I ran down stairs to find Matt, and the first thing he said is “you look as white as a ghost” I was hesitant to tell him what had happened because I did want to scare him, and knew he most likely would just laugh or tell me I was crazy. Thankfully he was supportive, yet just as intrigued as I was. We wander back up stairs and I showed him the room. He went in and touched the clothes as well and said it did indeed feel strange in that room. With that comment, we just left without another word. It was super creepy and I still think about what on earth that was in the Breckenridge museum, whatever it was, it didn’t want me in that part of the museum!

Had a creepy experience abroad? Be sure to comment below!

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