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So you know those dreamy photographs and amazing honeymoon photos you see all over lifestyle and travel magazines? Well Mexico is the destination hotspot for all kinds of travellers who love white sandy beaches, rich culture, ancient cities and great Mexican food!

We are talking some of the most amazing scenery in the world, and all types of catering for any type of traveller or vacation! From cheap backpackers right on the beach, to all-inclusive resorts the size of a mini city! This place really knows how to throw a great holiday!

Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Cancun are all dreamy places, but widely know for different things! I would say if you’re going to travel all the way to Mexico your going to need to experience all three destinations! Now lets talk about each place!

Tulum: Tulum is located a 2 hours drive down the coast from Cancun Mexico, its widely know as a hotspot for backpackers, and adventure seeks along with history lovers and those on a budget still wanting to stay on the beachfront! Tulum is a beautiful little area, which is surrounded by ancient Mayan ruins, Tulum even has their own archeological site overlooking the stunning white sandy beach! Known as the ‘Tulum ruins’, which are within walking, distance from any hotel! And a short bike ride away from the town’s main street! It cost around $20 pp entry fee, but you could spend the entire day here exploring the ancient ruins! Tulum is also a hotspot for those wanting to visit the famous seven wonders of the world site ‘chichen itza’ which is one of the most famous archeological sites uncovered dating back to the ancient times when the Mayans ruled. The day trip is a full one! But you can hire a car for less than $50 for the day or book onto a cheap tour, which normally takes around 2 hours to drive!

Playa del Carmen: This is a great place for young families, couple travellers and honeymooners looking to escape the touristy resorts up in Cancun, its less than an hours drive from Cancun’s main airport and has some beautiful resorts for those looking to stay right on the beach for a good price! You will also find all inclusive here for those honeymooners and kids often stay free under the age of 12! (Yes-unlimited ice cream is on the menu!) Playa is also a wonderful place for activities! It’s surrounded by nature eco parks, animal sanctuaries, water sports and beautiful Cantonese (underwater caves) I would highly recommend visiting Xcaret natural eco park! Its probably the most beautiful (in my eyes) and no matter what age! It’s a breathtaking, fun and an exciting experience for all!

Cancun: Then we have the most stunning place for those all-inclusive, beachfront, exclusively breathtaking resorts! Cancun. This crazy amount of coastline is just lined with some of the most top-notch hotels in the world! We are talking the Hilton, moon palace, the excellence, and the list goes on! And yes it does cost an arm and a leg to stay here, but we are talking absolutely a once in a lifetime experience which cannot be passed on! No matter your budget! Make room, even if it is only for one night in paradise! Many locals recommend visiting Tulum and playa, because of how many tourists there are in Cancun, but if you book into an all-inclusive resort such as moon palace (my personal favorite) you don’t even have to leave the resort! It’s that huge (literally like its own little city) and it even has its own private beach! Cancun is beautiful yet busy! But so worth at least one night!

And there you have it! Mexico’s most beautiful coastline full of breathtaking resorts, exciting activities, stunning beaches, and historical sites! A bucket list destination I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone!

Visited Mexico Before? I’d love to here about your experiences!

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Safe Travels, And Fly Far!

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