Travel Tips For Couples: Managing Travel Money

Travel Tips For Couples: Managing Travel Money

Each couple is different, which means how they manage travel money as a couple would be different. You really have to find what works for you and your partner. For us, splitting everything during the trip is a pain. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips on how Harry and I manage money before, during and after travel:


  • Keep track of money spent on booking flights, accommodation, car rental etc – we have a notebook next to our calendar where we keep track of who spent what on what
  • If possible, keep the spend as even as you can all the way through
  • Review money spent before your trip for an idea of split and what’s left to pay


  • Take note as soon as possible to avoid forgetting
  • Just like ‘before’, include amount, who paid and what for
  • Keep notes in a central place – I generally track it on the notepad on my phone
  • Track currencies if you are dealing with more than one
  • Cross off amounts as you go e.g. if Harry spends £30 on tickets, and I spend £30 on dinner, why keep them on the list?
  • Don’t track smaller costs (as a guide I’d say no less than £5 / $10), instead take turns in buying these items like water
  • Check the note every day or two to help realign an even spend throughout the trip


  • ‘Close off’ travel spend soon after the trip to work out the difference
  • Give / transfer the difference to your partner or add it to your general everyday spend list as a couple… we have one of those too!
  • If the difference is insignificant, close it off as is
  • If the difference is a bit more than insignificant, dinner is on the one who’s spent less!
  • Communicate! Check in with the other to make sure they’re happy with the final amount and outcome

Money can be a stressful topic but if you love and trust each other, you can find a way to manage your travel money as a couple. This is just one way to do it. Good luck!

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