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Best Safari Parks To Visit In Africa: African Safari

Africa is widely known across the globe for being one of the most beautiful, exotic and adventures destinations to visit in the world. From its extensive trip styles like budget camping, overland tours to the luxury safaris and all inclusive resorts with zebras outside your front door! its no wonder Africa attracts so many different types of travellers each year, most of which come to Africa as part of their bucket list and participating in a beautiful African safari!

After travelling across Eastern and Southern Africa in September I not only got a taste for how much wildlife, nature and pure amazement Africa offers, but also how wonderful and not so wonderful the safaris can be. From parks filled with elephants, to plains ruled by lions, to creators filled with giraffes and trees filled with monkeys, it really is a continent that offers a little bit of everything, and all you have to do is sit back, relaxed and wait for the animals to come!

I guess the one main question I am always asked, is which safari park is the best and when I travel to Africa, where should I do my safari? Well this question has been asked many many times, and I would like to share with you not only the best safari park in the whole of Africa (well I believe it to be) but also the most untouched, naturally kept and contains a large variety of animals that so many people unfortunately miss out on, because they are too busy chasing the bigger safari park names.

So which are the most popular safari parks in Africa?

  • Masai Mara
  • Serengeti National Park
  • Chobe National Park
  • Kruger National Park
  • Etosha national park
  • Ngorongoro crater

But out of these top safari parks which one is the most value, offers the best chance to see the Big 5 and is my ultimate favourite?


The Serengeti National Park

Location: Tanzania, Eastern Africa.

Established: The Year 1951

Size: 5695 square miles


The Serengeti is one of the most beautiful national parks in all of Africa, filled with wonderful camping grounds, interesting drives, thousands of animals and of course the Big 5!

When we visited the Serengeti it was the most beautiful day, it started off with a local drive through the national park and within the first 5 hours we had already spotted the big five! (African Lion, African Elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, Rhinoceros ) of course this plays a large reason as to why I just LOVE the Serengeti, but it is also home to some or the more interesting animals that you don’t normally get to see in all of the other parks, such as the variety of monkeys in the trees, along with beautiful colourful birds which fly past your safari vehicle all day long!

The Serengeti is a large area filled mostly of empty grass plains, with a large scale of trees located along the rivers and streams. Where we happened to stay that night was at a beautiful little campsite in the heart of the Serengeti surrounded by trees, half of which were pushed down because of the elephants (they like to mark territory and break the trees apart for food and access) we had buffalos in our campsite all night long and couldn’t leave our tents because of the lions which where hunting the buffalo at 5am (meaning I had to wait to go to the bathroom for a lot longer than I could possible hold, and of course I almost got eaten by them as I decided to venture to the bathrooms anyway!!! You can read my attack of the lions post just CLICK HERE)

Not only was the serengeit just full of wildlife, but the serenity is just unreal! there aren’t overly crowed safari vitals as it is one of the largest parks, which is awesome because when you spot something cool like a lion, you are normally the only ones sitting right next to them watching them, rather than having 50 vitals all trying to push infant of one and another. it is also a wonderful park as its scenery is just gorgeous! i would highly recommend visiting the sergeant national park in Tanzania! its worth travelling through western Africa just to visit this safari park!


make sure you organised a tour and stay in the heart of the sergeneti overnight! its a challenge not going to the bathroom when there are lions in your camp sight, and i would strongly suggest you stay in your camp sight like your told, rather than venture out like I did… either way! its a beautiful park, so well kept and so well cared for and the animals are just everywhere!


Have you been to Africa before? Comment below your favourite safari park!



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