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Travellers Guide to Santorini, Greece

Steep cliffs surrounded by stunning white buildings. Small churches with painted blue dome roofs, bright prink flowers growing up around the walls and stunning stone pathways. This is Santorini, one of the most famous destinations to visit in the Greek islands. Rated number one, its no wonder so many people pack there bags full of books, sunscreen and white clothing to get ready to sit back and relax around the picture perfect hotels overlooking the Mediterranean.


This is the ultimate travellers guide to Santorini, Greece!

Getting To Santorini: This wonderful island is not just famous for it’s beautiful blue churches and stunning white buildings. But more so for the way the towns were built on the side of the steep cliffs, which were formed thousands of years ago believed to have been from a volcanic eruption.

The core can clearly be seen from the islands peak, as Santorini itself is a creator left behind from the eruption. This is why getting to Santorini can be an amazing experience and if you can do it by boat you will truly see the famous dynamics and how incredible the island is.

Almost all cruise ships flock to Santorini on their Mediterranean routes, you may only have one day to explore the island, but like myself you will find many things to see, do and of course photograph! There is a small airport on the island and flying is a big route for many as you can get direct flights from surrounding islands and from the mainland, Athens.

Where To Stay In Santorini: Deciding on where you are going to stay will be the toughest decision you will have to make on this holiday. The island is so large and so beautiful, that there are so many different places to situate yourself, the great news is that almost all of the hotels will have water front views overlooking the dramatic landscape, so you cant go wrong with the hotel you book.

The hotels are very small, only have a few rooms and can be a little pricey, but they are just breathtaking and worth every penny! I would strongly suggest trying to stay in the little town of Oia, this little town is on the furthest point on the island, but there are local buses that run to and from the main ferry port and airport into this town.

Oia is famous for its churches, shopping, restaurants, and luxury hotels that have wonderful little plunge pools, pavilions and beautiful rooms overlooking the ocean. Please note that the hotels have many, many stairs to get to and from the main walking street, no matter the area you choose to stay in, so try not to pack too much.


Getting Around Santorini: Santorini is a place where many people travel too, to do nothing but relax. This destination is a top honeymoon destination, so you can only imagine there would be exotic taxis, private cars and private jets. Well surprisingly this is not the case. This island is extremely down to earth and old fashioned. We are talking transport by local donkey/mules, local cables cars, a few local buses and the occasional taxi. The best way to get from long distant point A to B is of course, by local bus! There aren’t exactly bus stop signs everywhere, but on route you can ask to hop off, and 90% of the time the driver will stop for you. The buses are mainly used between towns, but if you are looking to explore the other towns, then walking is the best way to get around.


Eating In Santorini: Happy hour anyone? What about happy hour 24/7! Welcome to Greece! The destination of fine foods, fresh produce and of course wine! Oh, glorious wine. Now you can’t go wrong staying in Santorini, there are simply cafes and restaurants on every single corner. They are very beautiful, very nicely positioned with stunning views, but as you many expect a little expensive. A small bottle of water cost almost 2.50 euro! You can normally buy a small bottle of water for less than 0.50euro, BUT remember you are travelling to one of the worlds most exotic and highly too travelled destinations. I would suggest trying to find a supermarket and buying some things to nibble on during the day for those on a budget. Note that most hotels provide breakfast.

I can’t recommend which restaurants exactly to visit because there are just so many. You will be surrounded, so it’s best to go for a walk and find one with the best view, because hey! That is technically what you are paying for.


What To Do In Santorini: Sleep in, wake up and take a dip in your private plunge pool. Eat some breakfast, turn off your phone and Wi-Fi, and then start reading a book. Sunbake in your private villa overlooking the Mediterranean, then take a stroll to do a little shopping, maybe by some beautiful jewelry, watches or clothes. Then wander back to your villa and take another dip in the plunge pool.

Then its time for a quick nap in the sunbeds, Crack open a bottle of wine, then open another bottle of wine.

After your finished, wander up to the main streets and find a pretty restaurant, order a Greek salad and try the local wines as you watch the sunset over the ocean!

That’s what you do in Santorini! Just relax. There are optional day trips out to the volcanic core in the center of the island, donkey rides, local boating trips, visits to the other towns and islands and of course wine tasting!



Greece is just one of those destinations that you just must visit at least once in your lifetime. Santorini, like any of the surrounding islands is just beautiful, but unlike the others, Santorini is just breathtaking and has such a dramatic landscape that no other island has. It does get busy in the main walking streets due to all of the cruise ships visiting, however tourists cannot walk down to the hotels unless they are staying on the island so the hotels and areas around them are very peaceful and relaxing.

So now the only question is why haven’t you booked your island escape yet? Get to it. Summer is on its way!

Have you visited Greece before? Which was your favorite island? Leave a comment below for discussion! 🙂

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