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Exploring Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Exploring The Stunning Kuang Si Falls In Asia’s Beautiful Laos


30km away from the main city of Luang Prabang in Laos, Asia there is a hidden gem located in the jungle. Here you will find a range of beautiful shallow pools cascading down the mountain full of pure turquoise water, natural waterfalls and streams and little fish that sometimes try to nibble on your feet!


The Kuang Si falls are a local hot spot for visiting tourists, with the high temperatures, its no wonder so many try to escape the heat by visiting the falls and cooling off in the fun little pools and waterfalls. But if you think the natural pools are fun, only a 10-minute walk up the mountain you will come across one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in all of Asia, The Kuang Si waterfall. This three-tier waterfall is a natural beauty that, unfortunately you can swim in, but can stand over a little bamboo bridge and take some amazing photographs!


The locals charge a fee of only 20,000kip (equivalent to around $2US) for entry per person, and you can generally pick up a local tuk tuk there and back costing around 50,000 kip per person ($8US) there are many little markets and stalls outside the gates of the entrance to the waterfall, and here you can get changed, use the bathrooms, have lunch or do a little bit of shopping before cooling off in the refreshing water!

As you walk along the trail up to the pools and waterfalls, there is a local ‘Bear rescue’ center, where you can see endanger bears, and donate to the cause, there are also a range of picnic areas around the pools for packed lunch and a nice cool beer!


I would suggest visiting the falls in the early morning as it is not a s hot, and tends to get busier around lunch time! Surprisingly the falls were not crowded at all and only had a few people in each pool at one time, which was lovely.

Make sure you visit this beautiful natural site in Laos! It’s a worthwhile visit, and is absolutely beautiful and costs no more than $10US!

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