Giving the Gift of Travel

Was it just me or did other girls buy their first boyfriend boxer shorts as a gift for special occasions like birthdays and Valentine’s Day? Maybe it was just me.

After double-checking with Harry, my partner, I can confirm that I’ve never bought him boxer shorts.  What a difference life experiences (and money) makes to purchases for your significant other. Especially for Harry and I as self-confessed travel lovers and big kids. The gifts we give each other are now often in voucher format and include weekends away, nights out and activities, some of which we’ve never even thought of until unwrapping that sleek and exciting envelope.

This year alone our gifts for each other include:


  • Weekend away in Faro, Portugal
  • A night of live poetry at the Royal Albert Hall

Valentine’s Day

  • Weekend away in Liverpool
  • Valentine’s special at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum
  • Dinner at Lalibela, a local Ethiopian restaurant


  • Weekend away in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Upcoming weekend away in Barcelona (November 2016)

Others include:

  • lover’s leap bungee jump as a gift for my 30th
  • weekend away in Dublin for Harry’s birthday
  • dinner and accommodation at Sovereign Hill, Melbourne (Australia) for Harry’s birthday
  • dinner on the tram restaurant in Melbourne for my birthday
  • weekend away in Daylesford, Victoria (Australia) for our anniversary
  • overnight stay at Overnewton Castle in Keilor, Victoria for Valentine’s day

Don’t get me wrong, I love physical gifts (maybe tangible is a better choice of word here!) too but if it means having less money for travel, adventure or experiences at this point in our lives when we are free from commitment and roots, I’d prefer to live without them!

Giving the gift of travel means making memories together and getting closer to ticking off that never-ending bucket list. Would you like to receive the gift of travel? Maybe you could tag your better half in this post to give them the hint, or start the trend yourself with your own gift of travel for your partner. I hope you go somewhere nice!

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