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Hot Springs, Kasi Laos

Located in central Laos, (five hours drive north from Vientiane) there is a beautiful hidden gem. Beautiful natural hot springs in pools built in the middle of the jungle! The hot springs themselves are breathtaking, crystal clear and extremely relaxing.

The perfect place to sooth your skin and sit back with a beer Lao and watch the red dragonflies surround you and the pools.


The pools are owned by a local family and for just $5000 kip (80c Aud) pp you get access to three pools! There is also a beautiful rustic lunch area across the road, owned by the same family where beautiful traditional Thai and Lao food is served! The meals only cost 15,000 kip ($2.40 Aud) and are huge! There are elevated lunch huts out the back overlooking the plains of jungle where you can choose to sit back and relax and eat your delicious lunch!


I would recommend only stopping here of its on your way. Don’t make a specific trip out here unless you really need too. The hot springs a beautiful, but in the middle of the jungle so it’s more something you would just stop at and do on the way through! You can also stay in one of the rustic huts for the night for only 80,000 kip ($13 Aud), which would be a wonderful option if you were looking to travel up north and stop off for the night along the way.


It was a great experience, and suitable for all ages! Remember these are natural hot springs, so there are old tree branches, rocks and wildlife all around! But it’s all about the experiences, and this one is a definite must whilst passing through Lao!

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