20 Things I Have Learned From Travelling Around The World

20 Things I have learnt over the past 9 months travelling abroad!

-You don’t need to print off your travel documents, only visa info. The rest like flights and hotel information you can save a copy to your phone!

– I’m extremely organised, a little bit too much to the point that I actually look for things to arrange and organise…

– It’s really hard to find healthy meals that are cheap! A lot of food like fruits, nuts and vegetables are expensive!

– It’s better to have no plan than an intense plan, have an idea of what you want to do but don’t book anything! Just go with the flow, it’s more fun that way.

– Don’t book any flights! Unless you know your exact dates then don’t book them!

– Get a Citibank card for your travels. BEST TRAVEL BANK EVER

– Use apps like citymaps2go, it’s and offline map of the places you visit! You just download the maps in wifi and then you are good to go! It’s the best app in the world!

– Don’t bother with a backpack suitcase unless you are a real backpacker, if you are like me and have too much stuff and not staying in hostels the whole time opt for a bag with wheels, it will save your back and your sanity! I have an Osprey bag which actually turns into a backpack! These bags are also really good to have just in case! But are super expensive and in the 6 months I’ve had this bag I haven’t actually used the backpack part yet…

– Vegemite will save your life when you have Giardia (really sick stomach from dirty water ) slap some vegimite on some dry crackers and life saved!

– Don’t bother with a cardigan, bring one jacket that is light but warm! And a scarf that can work as a nice blanket!

– Buy some good headphones! You want to zone out on long bus/train/plane trips!

-Read TripAdvisor before booking a place! People are pretty honest, a little too honest (me included, whoops!) but they can save you booking into a room without locks, that serve breakfast with a cockroach in the food, that have broken air con and take your passport and don’t give it back!

– Don’t book onto a tour unless you really have too! It’s better seeing the places you visit on your own as it is a third of the price and you can focus on what you want to do! Tours are fun if you want to meet people but they are too fast paced and a total rip off! If you are scared of visiting a place and not sure what to do and think a tour would be better, then don’t waste your money either toughen up and dive into the deep end or just opt for a country you will be happy to travel through on your own! 😛 (If you are staying in backpackers you will meet heaps of people anyway!)

– Get good travel insurance! You don’t have to pay an arm and leg like I stupidly did, just look at what you are doing and book appropriately, as long as it covers flights, tours and hotels, medical and theft then you will be ok!

– Silly things like umbrellas, a hair curler, four types of shoes, five pairs of sunnies, a bag full of nail polish! Literally a Bag!!! Are things you need to throw out or leave at home (most of which I am still yet to do)

– Research your visas for the countries you will be visiting as you may get a rude shock in that you may have already needed to have it pre-organised! Also make sure you know exactly how much it costs and have that exact change (you will most likely have to pay in US) as they will not give you change and/or try to rip you off and ask for more money (like In Asia – Laos and Cambodia!)

– Don’t trust tourists that try to sell you stuff like day tours, nightclub tickets etc. They are evil!

– Overnight buses around Asia don’t have toilets and may put your body into shock because it needs to go to the bathroom so much that in the end it would have been worth the extra $40 to just get a 1 hour flight instead of a 14 hour bus trip where the driver tried to steal your camera and you almost peed your pants.

– You will either spend half of your budget or double of your budget on your world trip, either is OK!

And most importantly, be safe, be cautious and just go with the flow! The world is such an exciting place and the journey ahead will be so worth it in the end! Make sure you visit every place you dream of, because whats the point of living your life in dreams and not in reality…

Safe Travels, And Fly Far!

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