How To Become A Travel Blogger

How to become a travel blogger

“In order to succeed we must first believe that we can.”
I am often asked how I can afford to travel the world, how it’s possible to make a living abroad and if it truly is possible to become a travel blogger. Well the answer is, it is possible! Anything is possible if you truly are passionate enough to make your dreams into a reality.

In this day and age we are lucky enough to be surrounded by technology and it’s advancements, which have enabled us to create different jobs and careers on totally different platforms! I secretly dislike technology. It actually scares me! The fact someone can see where you are right now, physically talking to someone from half way around the globe, having messages sent and received in only a few seconds. It’s crazy! And the craziest part is that this has all developed in only the past 100 years.

But I can’t really complain…I can’t live without technology! It’s apart of our culture and will always be!

So what has this got to do with becoming a travel blogger? Well it’s to show you that blogging is in fact a lifestyle, it IS a job and it IS apart of a growing culture in our society.

The best part is, you haven’t missed the train yet! There are always new bloggers popping up. In fact many people have tried blogging, whether it be through a website, social media platform or even in the older days, writing a dairy! It is all relatable to blogging. You are writing, showing and sharing your experiences!

The bad news is only a few will “make it” – if that’s how you want to put it…

“Making it” in my opinion, in travel blogging is when you get to a point where you are growing daily. You getting reached out too by different people within the travel community and start being invited to partner up with a whole range of different brands. This then leads to a so called “snow ball effect” which many bloggers can only dream of! This is basically when an opportunity arises that is a big break! It brings in consist opportunities, even to the point where one can make a living off the rewards and benefits involved.
Now before you go running to buy a website domain and start a blog, let’s go through some important things!

Travel blogging is not an escape method for a job you may dislike, it’s not a way to become so called famous or popular and it is by far definitely not a way to travel for free!

If any of these reflect you wanting to start a blog, please stop reading here. Don’t waste your time, because blogging is a serious thing for those trying to make it. It’s a lifestyle and even a job to most.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk business. Blogging is long hours researching, creating, typing, editing, editing again, and again, posting, sharing, emailing, editing some more and then repeat – Weekly. Daily. Hourly. It’s not all daisy’s and roses, it has it’s perks, but also requires extreme dedication along with lots of positive and negative constrictive feedback. You need to be open minded and extremely flexible.

So have I scared you away yet?

Ok, good. I’m glad your here to stay! Now let’s talk blogging!

If you are truly set on becoming a travel blogger you will need a few skills or even hobbies – things you are passionate about. Brands like to see creativity and expertise. I mean they are technically paying or giving you free experiences to help you, help them reach thousands of potential customers and clients. So, you need to have a few things to offer to be noticed, appreciated and called upon, such as unique photography, excellent descriptive writing, specialised expertise on specific locations, a large social media audience, and a website that reaches target audiences appropriate to your client.

Don’t have any skills or hobbies? Then make some! I had no idea how to use a DSLR camera and now I can’t stop! (Still learning the ropes – a long loooong way to go!) but at least I found something I enjoy – taking fun, bright and colourful photographs.

Now once you have your target audience, social media accounts and brand name it’s time to start creating content. Photographs. Stories. Reviews. Travel guides! The list is endless, and so are your opportunities.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”
After a few months of constant posting, networking and sharing you will know how committed you are. If you are only posting once a week, your lacking motivation. You want to be aiming to post at least 3 times a week and once your name gets bigger aim to post daily! When you hit a point where organic followers are following you, then it’s time to start thinking about creating that domain name for a website and get your real blog up and running!

Does it cost money? Well…doesn’t everything? Unfortunately yes it does! you will need to buy a domain name (name of your website/blog)  find a hosting site and pay for that too! Oh and then there is installing everything, and we can’t forget about paying for a website theme and creating your first pages of content.

It will take time. Lots more than you think!

But it will be worth it! If you really are passionate about blogging, and want to write because you want to share your experiences to help and guide others. Then this is why you start a blog!

“Work until your idols become your rivals”

“Work with others to bring them up, and they will bring you with them” 

Whichever way you choose, to work alone, or with other like-minded bloggers, it’s up too you. A little exposure never hurt anybody? So why not make a few friends along the way!

“Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning”
Blogging isn’t a career, it’s a way to travel the world doing something you are passionate about. Writing, helping others, and constant wandering!

Always work hard, and dream big. Maybe one day those dreams will become a reality. It did for me? So why not for you!

Safe travels, and fly far!

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