Truths Behind Becoming A Full Time Travel Blogger

“Travelling is an experience. It’s unreal and unforgettable. It has its perks, but also makes you realise this is only temporary. That is of course, only if you let it be.

If buying a house, earning more money than you truly need and working for people that would never talk to you on the street, is what you want. Then let it be, at least you will have security.

However if you want to live everyday like it was your last, meet people that will travel with you to the end of the world, and still talk to you years later. If you want to experience places, cultures, foods, and live freely, then travelling my be the right choice for you.”

– Melissa Naomi

The Truth Behind Becoming A Full Time Travel Blogger

I got an email the other day about becoming a full time globetrotter, and travelling the world for a living. It really got me thinking, and it’s only now, I feel as though I should share my thoughts to all those aspiring to leave the 9-5 corporate world.

In truth, I actually miss working full-time. I use to love getting up when it was still dark outside, before anyone else! and sneaking off into the morning. I would hop on the bus at 7:15am and arrive at work around 8am, ready for my 8:30 start. I use to long for my lunch breaks, looking forward to laying in the park, and preparing/planning this big world trip. I would sit there and dream about all the places I was going to visit, and where in the world I would be exactly one year from that point onwards.

I believe to this day, that the motivation I had driving me to go on this big world trip, is what got me through those rough days at work. I always knew I was going to go on a “gap year” as I made a decision back when I was only seventeen, but never really knew if it would truly happen. I knew that being the age of twenty-one meant I could drink in almost all countries around the world! and I guess, I decided it would be the greatest age to go out and adventure around the world.

However, what I never realised at the time, was how hard it would be to stop travelling after you start…

Like most people day-dreaming at home, thinking about the long summer days roaming the stunning streets of Italy, or diving into the depths of the ocean, to go shark cage dive in South Africa. I feel as though travelling would be my escape! Maybe you’re dreaming about the beautiful mountains, still hidden by the morning mist in Switzerland! or maybe you’re thinking about all those days you could be tanning on the beaches of Thailand, sipping on $1 cocktails! It’s motivating right? Just thinking about escaping the hustle and bustle going on in your life right now, it is almost soothing, and really does get you through the tough days.

Nonetheless, take this from someone that travels full-time. When you decide to start and run a travel website, you lose that motivation. Well slightly… Because you will not be facing the same difficulties, struggles and everyday routines based on what you would normally be experiencing back in a 9-5 job.

You see, you begin to take experiences, trips and even days lying on the beach for granted. As humans we are always waiting for the next best thing! and as a travel blogger, you are the same. You may be laying on the beaches of Cambodia with crystal clear blue water surrounding you, however all you can think about is where you can find Wifi. Or maybe you are walking through the streets of Santorini in Greece, yet all you can think about it scheduling your next blog post.

It happens…your mind overwhelms you and the tasks at hand, and because you run a range of online platforms you still find yourself stressing out and worrying about silly things, such as which photo to post next.

But like most things, travel blogging and travelling fulltime has its perks! I mean who can sleep in until 10am and not care, because you’re in Norway and the sunsets at midnight, so you know you can explore the whole day anyway! Or maybe you’re in Mexico, and staying at an all inclusive where you can eat whatever you like for the week, because heck! you’re in Mexico, so why not!

Some days you may even choose to spend, laying around watching Game Of  Thrones all day long as the rain pours outside, waiting for your room service to be delivered. Other times you will find yourself in a place with some of the most breathtaking scenery, just like in Antarctica! and it’s at times like those, you just totally forget about everything in the world except for what’s happening in that very moment. It’s incredible, and a totally surreal feeling.

I guess that brings me back too, travelling is an experience. It’s unreal and unforgettable! it has it’s perks, but also makes you realize this is only temporary. That is of course, only if you let it be… If buying a house, earing more money than you truly need and working for people that you would never talk to on the street is what you want, then that is OK. However if you want to live everyday like it was your last, meet people that will travel with you to the end of the world and still talk to you years later, then maybe travelling is a better path for you!

Maybe it will be temporary, or even full-time for a long time! Who knows…

The best advice I can give, is find a hobby such as photography, writing, or even part-time work online or even around the places you visit, and become a fulltime traveller. Even if it is only for a year! It’s worth seeing the world whilst you still can. Whether you have just graduated, had a tough year, come out of a bad break up, or even just aren’t feeling the whole 9-5 thing, take a leap of faith and book that one way ticket!

I did it, so why don’t you?

I did it, so why can’t you?


Have you left your 9-5 job to travel the globe? Why did you leave and where have you been since? Comment below!


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