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Cruise Guide: How To Score A Cheap Last Minute Cruise

Imagine sitting back on the sundeck of a 14-deck cruise liner, sipping on a tropical fruit cocktail as you sail through the Greek islands. Well… I won’t be imaging anything in three weeks time because as of 24 hours ago, Matt (My boyfriend) and I just booked a last minute 10 day  Cruise around beautiful Italy, the Greek Islands and Turkey! But the best part is we paid less than $75 a day for it!!!! In fact we got a staggering 80% off the original booking price!

Now I’m sure many of us have tried to score a good deal on holiday tours before, but have you ever considered maybe looking at doing a cruise instead of an overland tour?

The top reasons why a cruise may be a better options for your holiday includes so many reasons, some of which I have shared below:

  • You don’t have to plan an itinerary
  • You don’t have to constantly keep packing up and moving hotels every day
  • The day trips are all pre-organized and planned for you and your family members
  • ALL meals are included! including snacks, room service and food at the bar!
  • Majority of cruise liners will offer discounted travel for larger families and even offer the cruise package for free to children under the ages of 12!
  • You will have a chance to visit the hot spots! meaning you are taken into the heart of the must see destinations!
  • You will get to spend your days exploring new cities, and the nights sailing to new countries
  • There is free entertainment like night shows, kids activities, and even day activities onboard and throughout the cruise
  • You will get access to a beautiful pool, normally on an amazing sundeck overlooking the ocean! and free access to a fully equipped gym, along with the option to relax with a massage and even drop the kids off at the day centre whilst you sit back and relax on the sundeck (there is normally a small surcharge for the childcare/child minding services)

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Well like anything, there are always a few catches with cruises… so make sure you take into consideration the following before jumping on the cheap cruises I’m about to show you:

  • If you get motion sickness, you will most likely get seasick or experience motion sickness at some point during the cruise depending on the weather.
  • Not all rooms have a balcony and window, if you want that, you normally have to pay double the price
  • The food can be repetitive and very plain
  • Drinks are not normally included. All non-carbonated drinks are – such as water and juice, tea and coffee but soft drinks, and alcohol aren’t.
  • Day trips can be expensive as the cruise line organizes them and can cost much more than what you would normally pay
  • There can be full cruise ships meaning it may be a little too crowded for you (but everyone spreads out so its generally ok!)
  • The day landings are for around 10 hours (7am – 6pm) meaning you cant watch the sunset in most places, and have to be back on the ship by the deducted time or you WILL be left behind! Believe me they are not joking. If they say 6pm do not rock up at 6:01pm – they would have already pulled in the ropes and will be drifting away from the port

Now some of the above can come across a little daunting, but don’t be scared off going on a wonderful cruise just yet! If you put this all into comparison, a cruise compared to a scheduled overland tour is much more value and a lot of fun! on an overland tour it can cost an absolute bomb per person! you can then get stuck with a bad mix of people on your tour group, and even worse, you are always on the move so you are constantly packing up and moving on. You also have to pay for all of your meals and extra day activities! At least with a cruise you have your own space for the whole trip, and everything is so organized you can simply just sit back and totally relax!

I would most defienetly recommend doing a cruise if you want to travel with a not so active group of people, if your an older couple looking to take it easy, if you have a young family and want a good deal and most of all, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday away! Cruises are also great if you aren’t sure where exactly the main hot spots are in the countries you are travelling too. Most cruises take you to the best locations and even though you only get one full day there, its almost always more than enough time to see and do everything in that one place!


Are you ready to book a cruise yet?

Here we go!

There is this little gem of a space on the internet called ‘Vacations To Go’ and on this website (This is an American website) you will find endless lists of cruises leaving from todays date right up until twelve months from now, all of which are heavy discounted and are only going to go down, and down in price!

As you scroll through the lists of different cruises around the world, just take into note some cruise lines like princess cruises are only for US and Canadian citizens so you CANNOT book onto these cruise lines unless you are from the US or Canada! (Even though they are normally the most discounted! 🙁  BUT if you scroll through the thousands of cruises, you will still find you can get up to 80% off the cruise per person and even get onboard credits up to 500us per cabin added in aswell!

Here are some tips I would just like to point out for this website:

  • This website is amazing for cruises leaving in less than a month – they offer discounts up to 80% off!
  • The cruises are so discounted purely because of how close it is until the departure dates. When they haven’t booked all of the rooms, they heavily discount them in hope some travellers will jump at the price and book it, just so they can fill the rooms.
  • Most of the cruise lines only have limited space available so if your looking to book them for a cheap price, its recommended you do so as soon as you can as they will normally sell out very fast!
  • You can ring up the agency and they normally discount the cruises even more if you have a few people going with you! The more people, the bigger the extra discount!
  • Don’t wait around too long! These prices are ridiculous! And its more of a first in, first served kind of deal.

The point of this website is to sell off the last remaining cabins on high end cruise liners, most of which the best deals can be snatched up right away, and in the very best of cases, can be over 80% off the original selling price!

Amazing isn’t it!

So, who is coming to Greece with me?

Click the link below and check out how you too can get a staggering 80% off your next last minute cruise;

And make sure you comment below with any other amazing websites for getting cheap, great cruises!

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