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The City Of Love: Paris Photographs


I had heard so much about the most loved-up city in Europe, Paris. However I had no intentions on visiting this magical city on my recent trip to Europe. I thought Paris, in France would be overrated, dirty, and would have rude french people that pick pocketed more than they would help you out (Other peoples words, not mine!) but to say the least, it has become one of the few destinations in the whole entire world, of which I have loved so much, and would highly recommend a visit to anyone, and everyone passing through on their next trip.

Paris to me, was THE city of love. It was full of unique, beautiful architecture, old buildings, and there was just so much to see and do, that 4 days truly wasn’t enough time. The people to me, where extremely polite, helpful and even tried to teach me some french after I had asked. The food was delicious with the endless pastries, deserts and delicious baguettes. Transport, I found was the easiest to follow out of the 25 counties I had visited! Very easy to follow, and very cheap.

For these reasons, Paris became one of the most magical cities for me to pass through on my European adventure, I would highly recommend a visit at any time, and just can’t wait to get back there one day soon.

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