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Couples Travel: Hotel or Hostel?

What do YOU choose? Is it one or the other? Or both? I’ve got to say, Harry and I are 100% Hotel. Here’s why…

1.Privacy and chill time

Speaks for itself really. You can be yourself in a private hotel room versus sharing a room and bathroom in a hostel. No need to keep up an act and be friendly to strangers for the sake of it when sometimes you just want to relax with your other half. Especially after a big day of sightseeing. Harry and I love getting a bottle of wine, snacks and having a chat on our balcony with a view. In a hostel room we might end up having to share!

2. Sometimes it’s cheaper

Sharing the hotel cost between two people is sometimes cheaper than booking individually at a hostel. If it’s not cheaper, it’s often not much extra. Especially if you’re like Harry and I and happy with basic, clean and comfortable accommodation. No fancy pants in this relationship!

3. You both get a better sleep

In a hotel, there’s no-one else coming into your room in the early hours of the morning to fall over their bag, turn on the light and in general – wake you up. Yep – you can spend all your energy loving the comfort of your pillow, the nice dreams the Sandman has given you and oh – your partner.

And! Instead of kicking your partner in the bum from the bottom bunk in a hostel room or squeezing yourself in next to them on a single bed, the beds are often as per your request in a hotel so you can actually sleep next to one another!

4. Celebration freebies

Depending on your holiday occasion (anniversary etc), as a couple you might be lucky enough to get a few celebration freebies from the hotel. We’ve had bottles of wine, towels formed into love heart swans, lollies and rose petals scattered over the bed. Not something you’re likely to get at a hostel!

So! Unless you’re a couple that loves socialising with others 100% of the time, look into hotel accommodation in the area before you click ‘confirm’ on your hostel booking. In our experience it feels much more special to share the adventure in a comfortable, private space, even if just for some of the time. We even get a 10% ‘genius’ discount from our regular bookings on – you’re welcome.

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