Your ultimate Travel Guide To Visiting Breathtaking Croatia

Travellers Guide To Croatia By Alex From

Croatia is a great historical country brimming with modern attractions. The impressive charm of the country will steal your breath while the old monuments take you back to the 16th century! Today, it offers a number of interesting towns worth visiting.

We invite you to start by exploring a list of the top 3 must-see attractions in Croatia!



Sibenik defies comparison among Croatian cities due to its strategic location in the central part of the Adriatic coast, in an expansive scenic bay on the outlet of Krka-a beautiful river in a national park. The most outstanding monument in Sibenik has to be the well-known European architecture and UNESCO World Heritage building of St James Cathedral. 2851 stone steps, 24 native churches, four fortresses, six monasteries, Dalmatian Ethno Village and the defiant Garden of St Lawrence frame the city and testify to the beauty and charm of generations of people in the city.

Meet the Locals: Sibenik is a city with a population of over 50, 000 people. The people are very friendly and so proud of their nation and heritage. They care so much about how you feel about them and their country because they want visitors to appreciate the beauty and history that the native town has to offer. It is worth noting that Sibenik is also a city of culture- it hosts the great Dalmatian chanson evenings as well as the only international children’s festival.

As you can see, Sibenik is truly a must visit city. The good news is that real estate Sibenik is not only in prime condition but also very affordable. If Sibenik is on your bucket list, you are assured of comprehensive gratification under the most favorable conditions. Beauty, abundance and affordability in one offer? Enjoy!


Touted as the gateway to Istria, because of its main airport at the Istrian peninsula, Pula offers an abundance of sandy shores, excellent food, spectacular forests, hilltop villages and high-quality local wines. This ancient town of heritage is nested in a scenic coast, distinguished by unique hills and dotted with iconic features including the intrinsic Temple of Augustus, the Triumphal Arch of Sergius, the iconic Twin Gate and Cathedral of the Assumption of Holy Virgin. But sadly, all this is often overlooked as people head to Dubrovnik and Zagreb.

The Roman Culture: Pula has a strong Roman influence, evidenced by the remarkable Roman Coliseum occupying the heart of the city. The arena is a beauty to behold. One can see its intact walls at any point in the city. Though smaller than the one in Rome, this medieval three-level Coliseum makes up in splendor for what it lacks in size. Dating back to the 1st century, the arena used to host over 25, 000 people and was used mainly for gladiator fights. Today, it is used to host events and performances and is one of the most preserved Roman Amphitheaters still standing.



Even in the face of numerous refurbishments, Zadar still remains a city bursting with over 300o years of history and culture. Like many other cities on the Dalmatian coast, Zadar traces its roots from a prehistoric settlement to what it is now- a strong Roman municipality. It endured many embodiments involving foreign influence and administration changes to become a liberated town with a unique balance of new and old architecture. It is also fiercely cultural, a characteristic that personifies the resilience, unity and spirit of the people.

Touring the City: Zadar is in itself a pretty small town. It is a mere 10-minute walk from the beaches to the old town. The following are probably the best things to do in Zadar: visiting the 5 well square that survived Turkish attacks in the 16th century and is now a beautiful site hemmed in by a hill lookout, Climbing the bell tower nest to the Cathedral of St Anastasia, chilling on comfortable gardens overlooking the old town walls or baking in the sun at the stone beaches that grace the beautiful coastal stretch.

Bottom Line

There are so many stunning features in Croatia; it’s hard to decide between them. If you like beautiful old towns, unspoiled beaches, glorious weather, friendly people and free attractions, you might have just found your next travel destinations.

By Alex From

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