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Ultimate Travellers Guide to Mykonos, Greece

Ultimate Guide To Mykonos Island In Beautiful Greece

Ultimately my most favorite Greek island, Mykonos is just paradise! Located in the Greek Isles, this small island is just absolutely breathtaking and cannot be missed on your next holiday to Greece. Here is my travellers guide for famous Mykonos!


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Mykonos Travel Guide

Getting To Mykonos: Located on most islands there is a main port, where big cruise ships, local ferries and private speed boats can make there way to the local islands. The same is for Mykonos, when I arrived we came by the cruise ship I was travelling on. The main port is very central on the island and is called the new port of Mykonos; it is located near the town of Fabtika, which is a beautiful spot for lunch and the busiest part of the island. There are lots of ferries that can bring you from other islands or the mainland, which is great! There is also a small airport on the island where you can get a flight from Athens or other cities around the area.


Where To Stay In Mykonos: This beautiful little island is very beautiful, with its steep cliffs and rolling hills, the houses and hotels situated on the island are always close to a local beach, so don’t worry about being stuck in a unpopular area, because the island is so small its all very close to everything. I would strongly recommend staying near the beaches near Psarou or Platys Gialos. The beaches close by have a little something for everyone, there is a beach filled with shops, restaurants and covered in beach chairs for hire, then a local smaller beach with space to lay out a towel and soak in the sun! And hidden around the corner is a famous nude beach – which we found by surprise! And believe me it was a big surprise! This area is relaxing, quiet and still close by the main port for shopping and cheaper restaurants!


Getting around Mykonos: Mykonos is one of those islands you just have to go and see for yourself! With so many roads leading all over the islands, limited public transport and expensive taxis, you may as well hire one of there little cars, a scooter or even better, and ATV. You will find hire shops all over the islands, and prices will range on how many days you wish to hire for, and how many vehicles you are looking for. You can get a car for around 40-50 euro a day, and this can fit five people, but has very limited luggage space! Then there are the scooters, which are great for just a day trip around the island maybe visiting the beaches and discovering beautiful lookouts for around 10 euro a day. Or then there are the ATVs which are a 4 wheel quad bike that can fit two people or even two adults and a small child for only 20 euro a day. My advice? Hire a quad bike! They are SO much fun, easy to drive, and very stable if you cant really balance on scooters like me.


Eating In Mykonos: food glorious food! The best part about visiting the Greek island would have to be the fresh seafood, beautiful rich tomato’s in the bruschetta, one the pizzas and in the sandwiches, along with the endless wine and ice cold beers served all around the clock! I would have to say the pricing in Mykonos is around the same as your average touristy areas like Rome, and around the Amafi coast. But the food is great! Very fresh and if the locals don’t own a hotel or shop, they own a restaurant, so you can only imagine how many places there are to eat! I would recommend down near the beaches around Psarou, there is a row of restaurants for a decent price and all have waterfront access and views! There is also a beautiful modern restaurant attached to a hotel on the cliff, which is just a surreal spot to dine in!


What To Do In Mykonos: After settling into your waterfront hotel, why not grab a glass of wine and relax on the beautiful pebble beaches surrounding the coastal cliffs of Mykonos? I guess if you are going to the Greek islands, you must know you are going to relax! Because that is what you do in Greece. Sit back, relax and take in the scenery, food and local wines. But if you are like me and cant sit still, then defiantly hire an ATV and go and explore the island. So many people just spend their whole stay in once location, but grab a scooter or ATV and actually go out and explore! We found numerous picture perfect beaches that we had all to ourselves, it was perfect. There are also local day tours you can book to take you out to different islands, but the whole idea on Mykonos is to put away all your connections with the outside world, sit back, and drink wine!


How Much Will A Trip To Mykonos Cost: well considering I only visited for one day on a cruise ship, this is only a rough idea of what I took in during our time spent exploring the island.

Glass of local wine: 7 Euro

One night in beachfront hotel: 130 Euro

ATV hire for two people for one day: 20 Euro

Pizza or Salad at beachfront restaurant: 10 Euro

Two Beach chairs and umbrella hire for the day: 15 Euro


I will definitely be back lying on the cute pebble beaches of Mykonos one day, and hopefully one day soon! This island is my favorite so far; it has a very relaxed and laid back vibe to it. The locals are friendly and very helpful. It is a little pricier compared to other islands, but worth every penny.

Have you visited Greece before? Which was your favorite island? Leave a comment below for discussion! J

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