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Product Review: The Cool Clutch

The Cool Clutch Handbag

As a fulltime travel blogger, I’m always looking for new and innovative products to travel with to save me time, money and in general, to play apart in helping me to become a better equipped traveller.

When I fist heard about the “Cool Clutch” I didn’t think much more of the brand, than being a stunning designer handbag, but soon realized it was indeed much, much more.

A fellow Australian came up with a new and innovating way too not only create new and stylish handbags, but also to equip them with a “cool” secret. That’s right all the stunning cool clutch handbags have removable insulated pouches that work as a coolers!

Whether it be packed lunches for work, a fancy way of BYO alcohol to parties, or just to keep your water cool on a hot day, this wonderful style and design creates a whole new level to the meaning handbag.

Now I am most definitely one of those travellers that insist on bring snacks wherever I go, and it’s always on my trips away that I struggle to either keep them from heating up, causing my muesli bars to melt, or going completely off and my water to become a so heated up I’d rather buy a nice cold one. I also have the constant struggle of keeping things like my makeup from melting, especially when I’m in really hot destinations.


The idea of having an insulated pouch inside my handbag is so genius I just can’t understand why no one has thought of this idea before! Not only can I keep my water cool all day, I can keep my makeup from melting, and my food from going off. I can also remove the pouch when it’s not needed, providing me with extra space for all my little travel nick-knacks.

These functional, classy and elegant cooler handbags range from the simple clutch look, to backpacks and even a wine bladder bag that you can stick your wine bladder in and pour straight from the bag into a glass!

These lovely bags can match any outfit, and come in a range of different colours, shapes and sizes, ranging from the Cool Clutch, Cool Backpack, Chilly Bin Bags, Cool Tote and Cool Wine Handbags.

Not only does the Cool Clutch handbag help me to travel in such a way I have never been able to before, it also provides me with satisfaction in knowing that wherever I go in the world, my water will stay cool, my lunch wont go off, and my makeup wont melt! I think it is one of the best products I have come across, and couldn’t recommend more the quality, style and functions of the Cool Clutch.

If you are interested in the Cool Clutch range, be sure to check out the stylish cooler handbags, just click the link below!

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